6 New Fullbring Base Skills in Peroxide

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Check out our guide on the 6 New Fullbring Base Skills in Peroxide. Learn everything about the latest Fullbring Base Skills that have been introduced!

The recent Peroxide update has brought a wave of excitement with the introduction of the much-anticipated Fullbringer race. If you’re considering jumping on the Fullbringer bandwagon, you’re probably curious about the inherent abilities that come with this unique race. In this guide, we’ll break down the six base skills that Fullbringers can wield to wreak havoc and dominate the game.

6 New Fullbring Base Skills in Peroxide

1. Lumen Zip – Blink and Strike

The first skill in your Fullbringer arsenal is Lumen Zip. This nifty ability allows you to teleport a short distance, simultaneously dealing damage to any unfortunate enemies caught in your teleportation path.

2. Firefly Assault – Swift Strikes on the Move

With Firefly Assault, your Fullbringer dashes forward, delivering a series of damaging strikes to your target. It’s all about agility and precision as you close in on your foes with lightning-fast movements.

3. Blitz Kick – Soaring Heights

Engage in aerial combat with Blitz Kick, an upward kick that propels both you and your target into the air. Perfect for gaining the high ground and launching devastating aerial assaults.

4. Soul Manipulate: Terraform – Elemental Mastery

Channel your Fullbringer abilities with Soul Manipulate: Terraform. This skill conjures a rock from the ground, dealing damage and knocking enemies back. Master the earth and reshape the battlefield to your advantage.

5. Soul Manipulate: Gust – Ranged Retribution

Unleash Soul Manipulate: Gust for a powerful ranged attack that sends your enemies flying backward. Maintain control from a distance as you manipulate the very air around you to thwart your foes.

6. Soul Manipulate: Project – Unveiling the Unknown

The mysterious Soul Manipulate: Project hints at the versatility of Fullbringers. While the details remain undisclosed, this skill promises intriguing possibilities. Stay tuned for updates and discoveries as you delve into the Fullbringer’s potential.

Remember, these base skills scale with your character’s strength. Train your stats wisely to maximize the destructive potential of your Fullbringer. Additionally, be on the lookout for variant abilities that can further enhance your gameplay.

Whether you’re diving into Peroxide for the first time or contemplating a reroll for a rare Fullbring variant like Dimension, this guide equips you with the essential knowledge to harness the newfound powers of the Fullbringer race. Get ready to reshape your destiny in the world of Peroxide!