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Now, take a look at Age of Wonders 4: Reavers Guide And Overview. Find crucial information you haven't seen before in this guide.

In this guide, we covered Age of Wonders 4: Reavers Guide And Overview. Now, step into our unique guide!

Age of Wonders 4: Reavers Guide And Overview

Reaver Culture Essentials

Benefit from marking enemies, gaining significant advantages from flanking bonuses. Prosper by engaging with players and free cities, requiring alliances to avoid becoming everyone’s early enemy—a task made easier with the War Spoils mechanic.

New Resource: War Spoils – highly valuable as an additional form of currency, aiding in diplomacy, trade, unit capture, and cannon purchase.

New Units: Initially weak in the early game, lacking tanks and ranged units, and facing challenges with the Subdue ability. Skirmishers are notably vulnerable without the support unit in play.

Essential Support Units: Chaos and Materium affinities prove effective. Consider units like Afflictors from the Alchemy tome, Stone Spirit (baby elementals) from the Rock tome, Tome of the Horde for Houndmasters, or Tome of Warding for Phantasm Warriors. Tome of Beasts for Wildspeaker is also a viable choice.

Notable Traits: Keen-sighted – Reduces gambling with Magelocks’ shots. Sneaky – Complements options to flank enemies. “Tactics” traits – Later synergy bonuses from Tome of the Construct if opting for Materium. Hardy and Adaptable – Solid talents overall. Underground Adaptation – Digging provides substantial materials and loot.

Ruler Type: Dragons offer early power. Champion provides excellent production advantages. Wizard king lacks significant benefits.

Hero Types: A melee hero is effective early on, while a musket hero excels later (respec is an option).

Society Traits

Chaos Route: Chosen Destroyers – Synergistic but requires a specific playstyle. Ruthless Raiders – Suitable for frequent combat scenarios. Ritual Cannibals – Decent early on for city expansion and mana accumulation.

Materium Route: Mana Channelers – Ideal for summon spell enthusiasts. Runesmiths – Complements Materium-heavy strategies. Reclaimers – Generates binding essence through extensive plundering.

Others (for an easier early game): Astral: Mana Addicts – Supportive. Dark: Powerful Evokers – A support unit is available at the start.

Scions of Evil – Consider recruiting more units through drafting for increased strength.