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This article covers all Lethal Company weapons, their prices, and details. Let's delve into the content.

In this article, we will explain all the weapons in Lethal Company, their prices, and details. Let’s move on to our article.

Weapons in Lethal Company

Available Weapons

  1. Stop-Sign
    • How to Get: Obtain it for free by discovering it at the facility.
    • Details: Functions as a valuable alternative to the Shovel. Despite its free availability, it proves as effective as the shovel, excelling in close combat situations, especially against insect-type enemies.
  2. Shovel:
    • How to Get: Purchase through the terminal for 30 credits.
    • Details: An affordable option ideal for head-on monster attacks. Recommended for its low cost, and its effectiveness is enhanced when used after stunning a monster.
  3. Stun Grenade:
    • How to Get: Purchase through the terminal for 40 credits.
    • Details: Used to stun monsters and impede their movements. Highly useful in dealing with aggressive monsters, ensuring an advantage in hostile situations.
  4. Zap Gun:
    • How to Get: Purchase through the terminal for 400 credits.
    • Details: A luxurious yet powerful weapon emitting a immobilizing beam. While costly, it proves highly effective in combat. Requires coordination with another player to maximize its potential.

Choosing the Best Weapons:

Despite the limited variety, strategic choices are crucial. Consider factors such as credits, danger level, and specific enemy types. Two standout options are:

  1. Stop-Sign:
    • Pros: Free, effective in close combat, especially against insect-type enemies.
    • Cons: Relies on RNG for acquisition.
  2. Zap Gun:
    • Pros: Powerful immobilizing beam, effective against various enemies.
    • Cons: Expensive (400 credits), requires coordination with another player.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon is vital for making informed decisions. Whether opting for the budget-friendly Shovel or the high-end Zap Gun, your weapon choice could be the key to survival in Lethal Company.