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Navigate Anime Champions Simulator quests, rescue Meowy effortlessly! Follow our guide for quick location and hassle-free liberation.

In Anime Champions Simulator, embarking on quests from NPCs like the Devil can lead to unique challenges, such as rescuing the adorable kitty, Meowy. Follow this simple guide to swiftly locate and free Meowy without unnecessary hassle.

Anime Champions Simulator: Finding and Rescuing Meowy

1. Receiving the Quest:

  • The Devil assigns the quest to find and rescue Meowy. Accept the quest and get ready for a heartwarming mission.

2. Locating Meowy:

  • Stand behind The Devil; there’s a building to your right. Move towards the wall mesh where the door is situated.
  • Walk straight into the wall mesh, similar to entering Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. You’ll seamlessly pass through and find Meowy inside the building.

3. Rescue the Meowy:

  • Inside the building, Meowy is in a small cage. Your task is to set Meowy free by completing the following objectives:
    • Defeat 50 Bats.
    • Defeat five Raging Bats.
Meowy in Anime Champions Simulator

4. Overcoming the Grind:

  • Acknowledge that defeating the required number of bats can be time-consuming and frustrating. Brace yourself for the grind, and consider the following tips:
    • Optimize your character’s abilities for efficient bat-busting.
    • Collaborate with other players for a faster quest completion.

5. Persistence Pays Off:

  • Despite the grind, remember that persistence is key. Keep defeating the bats, and soon you’ll successfully rescue Meowy from its cage.

Now equipped with this guide, embark on your quest to find and free Meowy in Anime Champions Simulator with ease. Overcome the challenges, defeat the bats, and revel in the satisfaction of rescuing the adorable feline. Happy gaming!