Anime Champions Simulator: Soft Pity Guide

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Now, take a look at the Anime Champions Simulator: Soft Pity Guide. Learn in detail how Soft Pity works and what it's all about!

In Anime Champions Simulator, the Soft Pity system plays a crucial role in boosting your chances of obtaining cosmic summons, godly cosmics, and cosmic quirks. Understanding how Soft Pity works can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Here’s the lowdown:

Anime Champions Simulator: Soft Pity Guide

What is Soft Pity?

Soft Pity operates as a system that elevates your likelihood of acquiring cosmic-level items within the Pity Chances’ range. Essentially, cosmics falling within this range are practically guaranteed to be yours.

The Reroll Conundrum

Previously, players encountered a hiccup in the system. While attempting to reroll for a specific cosmic quirk, there was a chance of inadvertently blocking the appearance of other cosmic quirks. This limitation posed a dilemma for players, as they risked missing out on the opportunity to obtain multiple desirable cosmic quirks.

Enter Update 10

With the release of Update 10 in Anime Champions Simulator, this systemic flaw has been rectified. Now, Soft Pity operates more intelligently. Your Soft Pity will exclusively target the cosmic quirks you have selected, leaving the door open for you to still have a shot at acquiring other cosmic quirks that you did not initially choose.

The Positive Shift

This adjustment in Soft Pity functionality, particularly in the context of rerolling for cosmic quirks or summons, is aimed at making the player experience smoother and more enjoyable. Players can now pursue their desired quirks without the concern of unintentionally blocking other enticing cosmic possibilities.

Understanding how Soft Pity works in Anime Champions Simulator, especially post-Holiday Update 10, is pivotal for players aiming to optimize their cosmic acquisitions.