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Take a look at the Araj Oblodra Special Elixir Items in our BG 3 guide. Learn when to use which elixir against which enemies!

In our BG 3 guide, you can find the features provided by the Araj Oblodra Special Elixir Items. Thanks to the effects these items grant, you will learn which elixirs to use against which enemies. If you’re ready, let’s begin!

Araj Oblodra Special Elixir Items in BG 3

Araj Oblodra possesses a unique ability that allows her to concoct a potion tailored for each member of your party. This capability can be utilized only once. The process usually involves drawing approximately 3 health points from your character. However, the outcome varies based on the character’s race, resulting in one of the subsequent effects:

Elixir of Dragonborn ProwessYou have an Advantage on Persuasion Checks and gain resistance to the type of Dragonborn used to give blood. You also get to cast an appropriate 3rd level spell on that dragon’s subrace. IE Lightning Bolt for Bronze and Blue Dragons.
Elixir of Dwarven ResilianceDwarven blood lets you add your Proficiency Bonus to Saving Throws until you succeed on 3 of them or take a Long Rest.
Elixir of Elven EleganceGrants you an additional 10m movement speed, Darkvision, and you can’t be charmed until your next Long Rest.
Elixir of Githyanki ProvidenceAllows you to cast Misty Step, Invigorating Leap, and Blur only once until your next Long Rest.
Elixir of Gnomish IngenuityYou are Proficient in Sleight of Hand Checks and can cast Knock until your next Long Rest.
Elixir of Half Elven HealingUpon Consumption, you and your surrounding allies regain hit points equal to your constitution score.
Elixir of Half Orcish FuryWhen you are Downed before your next Long Rest, you instead drop to 1 hit point.
Elixir of Halfling LuckThe luck of the smallfolk grants you an Advantage on Skill Checks until your next long rest.
Elixir of Tiefling ViceYou can call upon diabolic arcana to cast Thaumaturgy, Hellish Rebuke, Burning Hands, and Flame Blade each only once until your nest Long Rest
Elixir of Human VersatilityGrants you Proficiency in all Skills until the next Long Rest.

As evident, the Araj Oblodra items possess highly specialized characteristics, although a few of them do offer advantages when strategically employed during combat. Therefore, it’s advisable to seize these opportunities, particularly the Dragonborn, Elven, Dwarven, and Half-Orc elixirs due to the potential advantageous outcomes they can provide.

Presented below are the distinctive elixirs attainable by offering Araj the blood of your character and party members.