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Arcade Paradise Championship Darts

  • Each player starts with 301 points at the beginning of the game.
  • The score is reduced by the amount points earned each round
  • When the game reaches its end stage, this means a player can finish the game with that turn, an additional challenge will appear.
  • The challenge is that you not only have to reach zero, but you also have to do it with twice the points.
  • For example. if you only have 10 points to win the game, you must get those points from two throws. the game will tell you where to throw
  • İf you overshoot the needed score it will set yout point back to what they were at the start of thr round

This player needs to hit the double 14 to win.

  • T= Triple, middle ring
  • D = Double, outer ring
  • Win 3 Games Against The AI not sure if you need to win one vs each person or just beat any of them 3 times
  • Hit The Bullseye 10 Times dead center, for the 50 points
  • Win With A 6 Dart Finish win a game in two turns your 1st three darts need to be a high enough score so the end game dart board suggestions appear on your second turn
  • Hit A 180 this needs to be done in one turn, you just need to hit Triple 20 spot for all 3 attempts