Ark Survival Ascended: Ultimate Reindeer Guide

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Check out my Ark Survival Ascended: Ultimate Reindeer Guide. Learn everything about Reindeer locations, loot, and more!

Christmas has come to Ark Survival Ascended, and with it, the Winter Wonderland Mod adds a festive touch to the game. Among the holiday-themed updates, Reindeers stand out as a unique addition. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about these festive creatures and how to make the most out of them. So, buckle up and get ready to ride Santa’s Sleigh!

Ark Survival Ascended: Ultimate Reindeer Guide

Activating Winter Wonderland

Before diving into the Reindeer adventure, make sure the Winter Wonderland update is activated when launching the game. Once confirmed, spawn into the game to start your festive journey.

Finding Reindeers

Reindeers are exclusive to the Snow Biome. Use custom markers on the map to locate common spawning areas. If you prefer an easier method, consider the Dino Finder Mod from the Steam Workshop for quick and efficient tracking.

Taming and Flying

Approach the Reindeer with a Rockarrot in your inventory. Feed the Reindeer to initiate a flying session. A mini-game begins, prompting you to align the Rockarrot with a marker by pressing the F key. Succeeding in the mini-game rewards you with x3 Mistletoe and x3 Coal.

Loot and Resources

These resources are essential for crafting various items, including cosmetics at the Smithy. Additionally, use the Reindeer’s flying ability to cover vast distances, useful for escaping PvP situations.

Challenges and Limitations

The mini-game progressively becomes challenging, especially on official servers due to potential lag issues. The Reindeer will throw you off if you fail, and the flying time is limited. Controlling the Reindeer is challenging, limiting its use primarily to resource farming.

In conclusion, the Reindeer in the Winter Wonderland update adds a fun and unique gameplay mechanic to Ark Survival Ascended. Ensure you have an ample supply of Rockarrots, as feeding the Reindeer during the mini-game and journey is crucial. Use this festive addition wisely to enhance your gaming experience and gather valuable resources.