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Embarking on your journey in AUT opens up a vast world teeming with both adversaries and opportunities. Throughout your adventure, you’ll amass an array of items and accessories, acquired through trades or fortuitous drops. The process of selling these items introduces a crucial element known as Item Purity, a feature integrated into the game with the advent of Update 3.0. This intriguing concept directly impacts the amount of in-game currency you receive. But what does Item Purity entail? Fear not, as we’re here to break it down for you in this comprehensive guide.

AUT: Item Purity Guide

Decoding Item Purity

When you engage with the Black Market NPC to sell your items, you’ll observe a Purity Bonus accompanying the transaction. Additionally, a closer look at your Inventory reveals an Item Purity Value assigned to each item. To illustrate this, let’s consider two identical bats. The first bat offers a modest 27 Bonus, while the second, featuring a higher Item Purity, yields a more substantial 48 Cash as a bonus upon sale, despite being identical in nature.

Maximizing Bonuses

To optimize your bonus gains, the quest for items boasting 100% Item Purity becomes paramount. Obtaining such items, especially through drops, is a feasible strategy. For instance, a Frog I Item with 100% Purity can be a game-changer, providing a noteworthy 75 Bonus when sold, surpassing its base value of 25 Cash by threefold. Acting promptly and selling items immediately after acquiring them as drops can significantly enhance your earnings. Just imagine the windfall from selling a Cursed Orb with 100% Purity!

Strategic Selling

When faced with multiple items of the same type, a strategic approach involves prioritizing the sale of those with higher purity levels to maximize cash rewards. Moreover, consider parting ways with higher-value items if they’re surplus to your needs, as this can unlock even more substantial bonuses.

In essence, mastering the Item Purity mechanic in AUT opens up a lucrative avenue for boosting your in-game wealth. So, the next time you’re in the market, keep an eye on purity, and watch your cash bonuses soar!