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Check out the AUT Update 3.0 Complete Guide now. Learn about the significant things that come with the new update!

AUT just dropped a major update, and it’s packed with new features that’ll spice up your gameplay. From a fresh game mode that practically plays itself to shiny new abilities and revamped leaderboards, here’s the lowdown on what’s hot in Update 3.0.

AUT Update 3.0 Complete Guide

Stand Crafting with Shards

The update introduces a cool system for obtaining stands using Shards. Think of it as a roll-the-dice gacha system. To snag these Shards, pay a visit to the Black Market NPC. Not sure where he’s hiding? We’ve got you covered with a guide on his secret spots. Once you’ve got the Shards, combine them with items to craft stands wherever you fancy.

New Leaderboards

For the competitive souls out there, the new leaderboards are your playground. Whether you’re into 1v1, 2v2, or tackling the challenging Boundless Tower, there’s a leaderboard for you. Sadly, no recognition for going AFK – maybe next update?

Fresh Loot Chests

Out with the old chests, in with the new! Crack open these bad boys for even juicier rewards. Each chest grants you five goodies, and you might just score components for the flashy Chrono Warden ability. Keep an eye out for those warden shards!

Meet Gojo

The legendary Jujutsu Sorcerer, Gojo, makes an appearance in AUT. Take down the Gojo boss, grab the three strongest shards, and craft this powerhouse into existence. For a step-by-step guide, check out our breakdown on obtaining the Gojo Spec in Update 3.

Chrono Warden’s Flashy Moves

We’ve done a full showcase of the new Chrono Warden ability. Obtain it by opening chests for Warden Shards and engaging in street brawls. Pick fights with hoodlums for a chance to get Mysterious Fragments, another piece of the puzzle for this exciting ability. Dive into our Chrono Warden showcase for a taste of its flashy moves!

Yuta’s Moveset

Excited about Yuta’s moveset? To get it, you’ll need 3x Cursed Child Shards. Head to the game’s Ability Banner, do a few pulls, and cross your fingers until you get those shards.

New Game Modes

The main menu got a facelift, and now there’s the Boundless Tower mode. Face endless waves of enemies in a battle that escalates in difficulty. On the flip side, there’s the AFK world mode – leave your game running and rake in rewards every five minutes without lifting a finger.