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Now, check out Best Backpack Battles Builds. Apply your favorite builds from the outstanding options. Don't give your opponents a chance!

In this guide, we’ve talked about Backpack Battles Best Builds. Typically, poison builds are prominent in the current Backpack Battles meta. It is advised to be cautious and attentive to poison and range builds. Start learning the amazing builds now!

Best Builds for Backpack Battles

One of the most important things for you to make these builds is the recipes. You can access All Backpack Battles Recipes here. These recipes show how to combine items.

Poison Build

To maximize the effectiveness of this build, prioritize the following aspects:

  1. Poison Dagger:
    • Enhances the build by providing 2 poison per hit.
  2. Mr. Stuggles (Class Item):
    • Grants a +30% chance to re-trigger the last inflicted debuff. This results in the potential to trigger 2 poisons if you previously activated 2 with any other item.
  3. Defensive Items:
    • Early acquisition is crucial for the success of this build, as it heavily relies on defensive capabilities.
    • Focus on obtaining items like Shield of Valor and Holy Armor in the late game phase.
  4. Pandamonium (New Item):
    • Valuable for the build as each starred food item (e.g., fly agaric/mushroom) activation triggers an additional poison. With four available slots, it can add up to 4 extra poison procs.
  5. Death Scythe (Unique Item):
    • Causes every item starred by it to inflict double the poison.
  6. Corrupted Crystal:
    • An exceptionally beneficial item that allows you to generate a substantial amount of armor. For every 5 debuffs inflicted, gain 8 armor.

With this build, you can mitigate damage entirely, as demonstrated by the runs I’ve had. The armor generation is phenomenal, reaching over 1000+ armor, as evidenced by the following examples:

0.5.5: Ranger Build

Pandamonium + Eggscalibur -> Critical Hits + Poison

Could’ve made use of mana using Spectral Dagger or Manathirst(since my stamina was on medium). This was my first run after update(s) of Pandamonium being added to the game. Not enough banana to upgrade other two Heroic Potions… ๐Ÿ™

0.5.3: Ranger

Piercing Arrow over Ranger Bag and weapons

‘Bow and Arrow’ stamina cost being 0, so taking one or more was beneficial

0.5.2c: Ranger

Double Spear + potions

Thought it was a fun build. Not only it destroyed spike builds, it held well against any other opponents.

0.5.5: Reaper Build

Playing Cards

Playing cards seemed pretty easy to defeat other builds, long as you have weapons laid well in the storage coffin. Buying bags to tetris these cards in position felt more challenging.

0.5.6c: Ranger

Spike + Crit Mixer

Starting with Spiked Shield and some weapons, progress to Claws of Attack and Thorn Whip. Got Acorn Collar whenever it appeared to boost Thorn Whip into generating spikes on crit. Attempt to get many Bloody Daggers to maintain health. Mana Orb and Blueberries synergy for mana -> luck buff. Pineapples for more spikes using few nature items that I have.
Noticeably, I lost few rounds to multiple Shield of Valor users.

0.5.6c Ranger

Crit + Double Spear

Accidentally created Spectral Dagger. This uses up mana, when I should be doing Mana Orb and Blueberries synergy for mana -> luck buff. Since Leather Armor was on sale early in the game, bought it to maintain higher survivability; later turned it to Vampiric Armor. Unfortunately didn’t get any Blood Amulet afterwards to upgrade rest of the Daggers. Since Ruby Whelp was placed front of Spear’s way, as it would do more damage, additional to Jynx Torquilla’s effect. Djinn Lamp seemed to have helped me win couple of times. Book of Light serves a good combination to the build for heal and for invulnerability effect using mana.

Poison Bomb Build

While I acknowledge that my experience was limited to high platinum play, this build performed surprisingly well. The early game was decent, starting with a hero sword, wooden sword, and 2 stones. I would replace the wooden sword with a thorn whip if available, but a vamp sword works too. Combine the swords and prioritize obtaining a healing pot and stoneskin quickly, eventually crafting a strong stoneskin. I carried 3 poison pots, although 1-2 should suffice if your strong stoneskin can trigger the poison ivy. The build also smoothly transitioned into proccing the lamp, but I’m uncertain about its worth, considering it consumes a significant amount of mana and luck, especially when relying heavily on blueberries, as is the case with the book.

Even in my round 18 loss, the build managed 29 bloodthrn DPS, 27 poison DPS, 12 bow DPS, and 11 spikes DPS. Admittedly, my opponent had a fully built deck with bloodthorn and a blood harvester board. Having taken a break for a couple of weeks, I decided to test the new patch and see how poison ivy fared with the changes. To my delight, the results were promising. I’m now eager to try it out in the diamond tier.

Backpack Battles Poison Bomb Ranger Build
Build creator: rpgambit