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Are you going to attack the Tieflings or Lae'zel? If you still haven't decided, we've prepared our Baldur's Gate 3 guide.

Are you going to attack the Tieflings or Lae’zel? If you still haven’t decided, we’ve prepared our Baldur’s Gate 3 guide on Attacking Tieflings or Attacking Lae’zel for you. It’s actually a choice entirely up to you, but still, take a look at our guide.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Attack Tieflings or Attack Lae’zel

When you kick off the game in the prologue, you’ll cross paths with Lae’zel. This happens right after you might have released the Intellect Devourer, made your way out of the Nautiloid ship, and stepped outside. This initial meeting doesn’t involve much complexity. She jumps down from a high spot, confronts you, and then proposes teaming up so you can reach the helm together. Trust me, having her by your side is a smart move – she’s a crucial asset for both of you to escape successfully. So, yeah, bringing her along is a no-brainer.

But once the prologue wraps up, you’ll find yourself on the Ravaged Beach, and guess what? Lae’zel is nowhere to be found. Don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to reunite with her. Head north to the Roadside Cliffs. There, you’ll spot a pair of Tieflings who managed to capture a yellow toad. Surprise, that toad is actually Lae’zel! As you approach, you’ll have a telepathic chat with her. She’ll have a rather commanding tone, asking you to set her free. The words you use don’t really matter, but your actions do. Most of your choices will land you in a face-off with the Tieflings Damays and Nymessa. They’re not crazy strong, but here’s a heads-up: if you’re playing as an Oath of the Ancients Paladin and decide to throw down with these Tieflings, you’ll end up as an Oathbreaker. So, pick your battles wisely!

To set Lae’zel free, all you need to do is take aim and shoot at the cage. That should do the trick!
Another option is to use your persuasive skills on the tieflings, convincing them to release Lae’zel. This way, you can then deal with her as you see fit.
Once you manage to persuade the tieflings to release Lae’zel, she’ll present an ultimatum that you’ll have to deal with.
The tieflings don’t pose a remarkably high level of danger as opponents.
However, for Paladins, eliminating the tieflings might potentially lead to a violation of their sacred oath.

If you’re not a Paladin or don’t have any concerns about facing off against Damays and Nymessa, you have a few choices. You can approach the two tieflings and select the option to “Attack the tieflings” when prompted. Alternatively, you can use a direct approach and shoot the cage that Lae’zel is trapped in, which will trigger the tieflings to become hostile once she’s freed.

After you free Lae’zel, she’ll demand that you turn against the tieflings, presenting you with a straightforward decision:

  • Attack the tieflings.
  • Attack Lae’zel.
  • Recruit Lae’zel.

It’s important to note that nonlethal attacks won’t help you uphold your Paladin oath in this situation. If you choose to attack the tieflings, Shadowheart will show disapproval while Astarion will approve. Opting to attack Lae’zel will lead to a confrontation between your current party, the two tieflings (neutral to you but hostile to Lae’zel), and the outnumbered githyanki. The outcome is quite one-sided, making it clear that Lae’zel won’t join you if you go this route.

Assuming you assisted Lae’zel in defeating the tieflings or defeated them on her behalf, you can have a conversation with her and agree to journey together:

“Alright, we journey together. Let’s find this creche.”

To recruit Lae’zel without triggering Shadowheart’s disapproval, you can take the following steps:

  1. Choose “We’ll go our separate ways, I think.”
  2. Then select “Wait at my camp. We can speak there.”

These choices should help you avoid Shadowheart’s negative reaction. Once you’ve done this, you can fast-travel to your camp and invite Lae’zel to join your party from there.

Lastly, you also have the option to outright refuse Lae’zel’s request to join:

“Scowl all you like – you have my answer.”

If you decline, Lae’zel will stay near the defeated tieflings, feeling upset. You can approach her again later for another chance to recruit her, or you can choose to leave her be. Keep in mind that going through all this effort only to avoid recruiting Lae’zel might seem a bit counterproductive.

How to Rescue Lae’zel Without Fighting the Tieflings

If you happen to be playing as a Paladin and you’d rather not engage in a confrontation with Damays and Nymessa, take this approach:

Your targets might seem menacing, but I’ve faced tougher challenges. Trust me and head to safety. It’s a bit strange having to deceive to uphold your oath, but at least it prevents unnecessary violence. As the two tieflings move away, you have the chance to inquire further:

A magical explosion, you say? I could use more details.

I’m in desperate need of healing. Can you point me to the location of this camp?