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Click on our guide to Best Life Cleric Build in Baldur's Gate 3 right now. Learn about the top Life Cleric builds! Show your difference in BG3.

Check out our Best Life Cleric Build at Baldur’s Gate 3 right now! Learn to become the best Life Cleric in the game! Show your difference in BG3.

BG3 Best Life Cleric Build

The Cleric class offers a bunch of different ways to play, from being a support guru to dealing damage or something in between. Let’s break it down. Damage-dealing Clerics are good, although they might not pack as much punch as some other classes. You’ve got two damage options: War for melee hits and Light for spellcasters. On the flip side, support Clerics include Trickster, Life, Nature, and Tempest. Trickery’s all about sneaky tactics, illusions, and backing up your team. The rest bring their own flavors. Tempest brings lightning and thunder, dealing extra damage while taking hits or casting spells. Nature’s got a hint of Druid vibes, offering support skills and nature spells for offense. Lastly, Life is the top-tier healer, a shining star among the Cleric subclasses. We’re focusing on the Life Cleric build, which is all about supporting your pals.

Life Clerics are fantastic at healing, and with some enhancements, you’ll be a healing powerhouse. More healing spells, efficient heals, and spells that supercharge your healing prowess. Suddenly, your ranged healing becomes a quick bonus action to revive fallen teammates, helping them withstand attacks or spells later on.

Here’s a basic build for you:

  • Life Cleric – Level 10 Circle of Land Druid – Level 2

Clerics peak around Level 10, unlocking their final class feature, Divine Intervention. You can only use this once per game, but it’s a game-changer. It might save lives, deal damage, or create a holy weapon for you. You also get access to Level 9 spells, but you won’t see much scaling after Level 10.

Now, what to do with those last two levels? Option one: dip into Druid and snag Cantrips like Shillelagh, which lets you use Wisdom for attacks. Since Wisdom’s your Cleric strong suit, it’s a win. Goodberry’s another choice for out-of-combat healing, ready whenever you need it. Thorn Whip can yank enemies closer to you, handy for dragging them into hazards or your melee allies.

The star feature is the Natural Recovery from the Circle of Land Druid subclass. Spend an action, in or out of combat, to restore spell slots. You’re only dipping Level 2 into Druid, so it’s one Level 1 slot. But that could mean a clutch Healing Word from afar, since it’s a bonus action spell. Or recasting Bless after losing concentration without using another slot. It adds an extra layer of strategy, usable once per long rest. This means you can reserve higher-level slots for beefier healing or support spells.

BG3 Best Life Cleric Build