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Now, take a look at our Baldur's Gate 3 College of Sword-Lock Bard Build guide! Learn everything about the bard build!

The topic of our guide is Baldur’s Gate 3 Bard Build: College of Sword-Lock. In this guide, you will discover the Best Bard Feats, the Best Bard Race, and much more. Let’s now take a look at our guide.

BG 3 College of Sword-Lock Bard Build

When crafting your ultimate Bard Build in BG3, you’ll want to consider these class distributions:

  • Bard: Level 7
  • Warlock: Level 3
  • Fighter: Level 2

To begin, it’s important to note that the Warlock Invocations you’ll be focusing on is “One With Shadows.” Before we dive in, keep in mind that the Pact of the Blade feature amps up your melee attacks with Charisma-based damage. Starting as a Bard and then taking three levels as a Warlock to unlock Pact of the Blade is a smart move. Without this pact, your damage output will rely more on your Strength or Dexterity, which will slow down your potential damage if delayed. So, follow this leveling sequence:

  1. Bard
  2. Warlock (3 levels)
  3. Bard (6 levels)
  4. Fighter (2 levels)

When shaping a College of Swords build as you level up, there are key things to keep in mind. Bards gain extra attacks at level 6, unlike the usual level 5, so there’s a slight delay in a potential power boost. Additionally, at level 7, Bards become pretty potent, boasting powerful Bardic Inspiration and access to fourth-level spells like Polymorph, Greater Invisibility, Dimensional Door, and more. These spells are excellent for bolstering your support abilities and navigating the game world. You’ll hit significant milestones at different points: levels 1, 4, and 6. By level 10, your Bard prowess will shine, and by 12, your build will be fully realized.

In the Warlock arena, you only need to reach level 3 to choose your Pact of the Blade feature. It’s worth noting that the Warlock subclass you pick doesn’t hold much sway on your build’s effectiveness. Each subclass brings unique flavor, so pick based on your preferences. The same applies to Invocations. We recommend “One With Shadows” to grant you invisibility, a true lifesaver in tight spots.

For the last two levels, embrace the Fighter class for Action Surge. Having an extra attack works brilliantly with this build. Gaining an additional action per short rest is incredibly potent. This enables you to strike thrice or attack twice while casting another spell or dishing out Bardic inspiration. This power-packed combo greatly boosts both your team support and offensive capabilities.

Best Bard Feats in BG3

Unlike some of our other Baldur’s Gate 3 builds, the Bard Build doesn’t have any feats that particularly stand out as amazing. However, we’ve got a handful of options for you, each filling a specific role and proving useful in various situations. Some may shine brighter than others, but don’t worry, they’re all pretty darn handy:

  1. Mobile: This feat ramps up your character’s speed and liberates you from being bogged down by difficult terrain. Plus, you won’t provoke opportunity attacks from enemies after you’ve made your own attack.
  2. Actor: By picking this feat, your charisma gets a nudge up by 1, maxing out at 20. What’s more, your proficiency bonus is doubled for Deception and Performance checks.
  3. Lucky: Get your hands on 3 Lucky Points, which can be spent to gain advantage on attack rolls, ability checks, or saving throws. Alternatively, you can use them to force an enemy to redo their attack rolls.
  4. Alert: This feat boosts your initiative by a solid +5 and ensures you’re never caught off guard. While it might seem niche, Act 1 has a few surprise-laden battles. Staying adaptable can turn a potentially dicey fight into a manageable one, especially when you’re leveraging your support skills.

Each of these feats comes with its own flavor, and all of them find their place within your Bard Build. Choose the one that aligns with your playstyle and the kind of situations you find yourself in. Remember, it’s all about enhancing your strengths and mitigating your weaknesses as you compose your ultimate Bard experience in the game!

Best Bard Race in Baldur’s Gate 3

When it comes to tailoring your character to fit like a glove, here’s a nifty suggestion: consider tweaking your ability scores just a smidge. We propose a shift from a Dexterity bonus to a Constitution bonus. The trick is to retain your +2 Dex bonus by lowering it from 15 to 14, while snagging an extra point in Constitution, pushing it up to 14. This layout sits pretty darn well, especially since you’re diving into a melee-oriented blend of Warlock and College of Swords. Now that we’ve squared away the stats, let’s dive into picking the prime race for your Bard adventures in BG3.

Halfling: These folks are aces right out the gate with the Brave and Lucky feats. And since Lucky is already on our radar of potential feats, going with a Halfling is a smart move that’ll never steer you wrong.

Drow: If you go with the Drow, you’re gifted with Rapier proficiency from the get-go. Talk about a weapon that’s tailor-made for Blade and Sword Bards.

Elves: Elves strut onto the scene with Elven Weapons Training, adding a sprinkle of excellence to Longswords and Shortswords. This is right up your alley, given your dual roles as both a Pact of the Blade Warlock and a College of Swords Bard.

Gnome: Now, Gnomes bring their A-game with Gnome Cunning, handing you a nice advantage on saving throw proficiency for Wisdom, Charisma, and Intellect. If you’re eyeing Rock Gnomes, they’re doubly useful for Artificer history checks. Since you’re already quite the charismatic face of the party, why not crank it up a notch and be the ultimate charmer?

In this symphony of race options, each one aligns like a melody with your Bardic aspirations. Pick the one that resonates most with your style, and get ready to rock the BG3 stage with flair!

Gnomes and Halflings are top-notch choices for bards in BG3. They come with fantastic bard buffs that work well no matter your playstyle.