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Are you looking for the location of the Moon Lantern in Baldur's Gate 3? Take a quick look to learn how to get and fix the Moonlantern.

Are you looking for the location of the Moon Lantern in Baldur’s Gate 3? You can learn how to get and fix the Moonlantern from this guide. Follow our short and comprehensible guide step by step!

Baldur’s Gate 3 Moon Lantern Location

As of now, there are two main ways to get your hands on a Moonlantern in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Defeat Kar’niss, the Drider: You can engage and defeat Kar’niss, the Drider, during your journey. This will grant you a Moonlantern.
  • Retrieve from Balthazaar’s Tower: Another option is to explore Balthazaar’s Tower and locate the Moonlantern there. You can achieve this regardless of your alignment – whether you’re leaning towards being good or evil.

Depending on your choices in the game, a few variations arise:

  • If you align with Minthara, you’ll gain a Spider’s Lure. This allows you to summon Kar’niss and reach Moonrise Tower together.
  • Opting to side with the Harpers leads to a chance to ambush and defeat Kar’niss early on. This results in obtaining the Moonlantern.
  • If you’re aligned with the Absolute, exploring Moonrise Towers can provide insights. Rescuing Minthara reveals information about Balthazaar’s role in navigating the Shadowlands for cultists.

How to Get Moonlantern

To get the Moonlantern in Balthazaar’s room:

  • Move from the Throne room to the first floor of Moonrise Towers.
  • Proceed along the corridor to find a locked door guarded by an eye ball.
  • Unlock the door discreetly using a lockpick, the “Knock” spell, or another method that avoids drawing attention.

Inside Balthazaar’s room, the Moonlantern sits at the center. You can follow this approach even if you side with the Harpers and infiltrate the towers.

With the Moonlantern in your possession, you can venture into the darker parts of the Shadowlands. These regions are marked by double thick walls of Shadow on the map. Assign the Moonlantern to one of your characters to navigate these areas. Its range is larger than a standard Light spell or a Torch, providing ample illumination for you and your party.

How to Fix Moonlantern

Repairing a Broken Moonlantern: Some players wonder if they can fix broken Moonlanterns found in Grymforge and around Act 2. Unfortunately, repairing Moonlanterns isn’t possible in Baldur’s Gate 3.

For players interested in discovering the source of Moonlanterns’ power, the secret room behind Balthazaar holds the key. We’ve hidden this information due to potential spoilers, but you can explore there to uncover it yourself. Feel free to unveil the answer if you prefer.

Baldur's Gate 3 Moon Lantern Location
You can locate the Moonlantern within Balthazaar’s room in the Moonrise Tower.
How to get Moonlantern in Baldur's Gate 3
To obtain the Lantern used by Kar’niss, engage in a battle with the creature alongside the Harpers. You can do this either during your escort with Kar’niss or by aligning yourself with the Harpers.