Beginner’s Guide in Grand Kaizen

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Explore the basics of Roblox game Grand Kaizen for beginners in our guide. Learn comfortably with the provided information. Let's dive in!

In this article, we will guide you through the basics at the beginning of the Roblox game Grand Kaizen, perfect for beginners. With the information provided, you can learn the game more comfortably. Let’s dive into our writing.

Beginner’s Guide in Grand Kaizen

Character Creation

  1. Launch the Game
    • Customize your character’s appearance on the creation screen.
  2. Customization Options
    • Choose primary and secondary hair, eyes, mouth, skin color, and outfit.
  3. Spinner Option
    • Click on the Spinner option to spin a cursed technique.
    • Choose from five cursed techniques: King of Curses, Limitless, Disaster Flames, Cursed Speech, Sound Manipulation.
  4. Character Completion
    • Once your cursed technique is selected, your character is ready to play.


  1. Skill Tree
    • Press M key, click the second icon to open the skill tree.
  2. Skill Unlocking
    • Unlock skills and their upgrades as you progress.
    • Six main skills: Dismantling Cut, Dismantle, Bisecting Assault, Counter, Flame Arrow, Malevolent Shrine.
  3. Skill Points
    • Earn skill points by advancing levels (1 skill point per level).
    • Equip unlocked skills by clicking on the symbol next to their names.


  1. Weapon Store
    • Visit the weapon store by going back to the spawn point, taking the stairs, and turning left.
  2. Available Weapons
    • Kento Knife, Inverted Spear of Heaven, Slaughter Demon, Hand Sword, Staff, Tetsubo, Jet Black Sword.
    • Purchase weapons using in-game currency earned from quests.

Leveling Up

  1. Quests
    • Take your first quest from the Level 1 Quest NPC (defeat Keinor).
    • Progress through quests to reach higher levels.
  2. Level 10+ Quest NPC
    • After reaching level 10, take quests to exorcize curses and level up.
  3. Level 15+ NPC (Haruta)
    • Defeat Haruta, reach level 15, and take quests in the specified area.
  4. Level 20+ Quest NPC
    • Progress to level 20, complete quests to exorcise cursed spirits.
    • This is the last quest available in the game at the moment.

XP Boost

  • Repeatable Quests
    • Repeat quests for extra XP anytime.

Follow these steps, and you’ll confidently navigate the world of Grand Kaizen. Happy gaming!