Beginner’s Guide to Subbending in RoBending Online

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Discover the unique Subbending system in RoBending Online, enhancing elemental abilities. Mastering sub-skills boosts gameplay strategy. Explore our guide for details!

RoBending Online offers a unique twist to elemental bending with its Subbending system, allowing players to enhance their abilities further. Understanding these sub-skills can greatly improve your gameplay strategy. Below is a comprehensive guide to all the sub-bending skills available in the game

Beginner’s Guide to Subbending in RoBending Online

Air Bending Sub-skills

  1. Spiritual Projection: Summon a projection of yourself to navigate the map freely, though your character remains stationary.
  2. Flight: Swiftly traverse the terrain with increased speed, enabling attacks while airborne for tactical advantages.

Earth Bending Sub-skills

  1. Metal: Keep an eye out for future updates regarding this intriguing sub-bending skill.
  2. Sand: Unleash sandy tornadoes to assail your foes with relentless force.
  3. Seismic: Automatically evade enemy attacks with swift dodges upon activation.
  4. Lava: Create a fiery eruption, leaving molten lava in your wake to hinder and damage adversaries.

Fire Bending Sub-skills

  1. Lightning: Channel the power of lightning, unleashing a devastating bolt to strike down enemies.
  2. Combustion: Emit explosive beams capable of inflicting massive damage to your targets.

Water Bending Sub-skills

  1. Blood: Manipulate the blood within your adversaries to deal significant damage and gain a tactical advantage.
  2. Healing: Support your allies with healing abilities, crucial for sustaining your party during challenging raids.

Mastering these sub-skills is essential for dominating in RoBending Online. Experiment with different combinations to devise the most effective strategies for your gameplay style. Unlock the full potential of your bending abilities and rise to the top of the elemental arena!

For more tips, updates, and strategies, stay tuned to RoBending Online’s official channels. Happy bending!