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Explore maximizing your Assassin's power in Soul Knight Prequel with our exclusive guide. Dive into the details now!

In this article, we will guide you on how to elevate your Assassin class character’s power to the maximum level with a build in Soul Knight Prequel. Let’s dive into our writing.

Best Assassin Build

Are you ready to take your Assassin to the next level in your favorite game? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the best Assassin build, focusing on passive skills, equipment choices, and Fatebound Items to maximize your critical damage and dominate the end game.

Passive Skills

When playing as the Assassin, prioritize investing in passive skills. The image provided below will guide you on which skills to choose for maximum effectiveness. Don’t forget to allocate your stat points into Dexterity to further enhance your Assassin’s capabilities.

Critical Hits and Exsanguination

Discover the power of critical hits and Exsanguination with the Assassin’s passive skills. Utilize these skills to gain damage buffs and healing, especially revolving around the Bleeding status effect.

Equipment Recommendations

Equip your Assassin with the following gear for an unstoppable build:

  • Infernal Mask: Offers the same Mana regen bonus as the Cuirass, and both effects stack.
  • Colossal Zweihander of Black Archknight: Obtainable from the Black Archknight at the Ruined Castle, this weapon boosts your critical chance and damage by 15%.
  • Cuirass of the Crystal Snapclaw: Provides 15% Mana regen, eliminating the need for constant mana potions.
  • Dragoon Warboots: Increases your dexterity and regular damage.
  • Necklace of the Crystal Snapclaw: Increases critical damage by an additional 15%.
  • Jade Ring: Grants a bonus critical chance of 45%.

Combine these items with the correct skills to achieve an impressive 300% Crit Damage and a Bonus Crit Chance of at least 75%.

Fatebound Items

Unlock the true potential of your Assassin by investing in Fatebound Items. These items share the same Fatebound Node, and when equipped together, activate powerful effects. Keep an eye out for nodes such as:

  • Premium Bundle: Increases all of your base stats.
  • Blowout: Expands the range of all melee attacks and AOE skills.
  • Onslaught: Accelerates the tick rate of DOT skills.
  • Backlash: Triggers your melee damage twice.
  • Heavy Armor: Grants damage reduction and Knockback Resistance.
  • Lifesteal: Absorbs enemy HP with each attack (ensure you hit your target).

Master the art of the Assassin and conquer the end game with this ultimate guide. Level up your skills, choose the right equipment, and dominate your foes with unparalleled critical damage!