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Prepare for Soul Knight Prequel's end game triumph! Harness the might of the ultimate Heretic build, blending Animancer and Pyromancer for total annihilation. This guide unveils the secrets to dominating with detailed insights on stats, skills, passives, and gear, ensuring unmatched supremacy.

Are you ready to conquer the end game in Soul Knight Prequel? Unleash the power of the ultimate Heretic build with a touch of Animancer and Pyromancer to obliterate your foes. This guide is your key to success, providing detailed insights into the stats, skills, passives, and gear needed for unparalleled dominance.

Best Heretic Build in Soul Knight Prequel

Stats Allocation

  • STR: 157
  • DEX: 20
  • INT: 327

Focus on Intelligence for the main stat, enhancing your magical prowess, and allocate some points to Strength for increased Max HP.

Skills & Passives

Explore three main skill trees – Animancer, Pyromancer, and Heretic. Master the following skills and passives for a devastating combination:


  • Thermal Incubation – 4/4
  • Immolation Ward – 2/4
  • Emberborn – 4/4
  • Unquenchable Ardor – 1/4


  • Soul Sync – 4/4
  • Amalgamate – 1/4
  • Door of Guf – 4/4
  • Mortal Pact – 4/4
  • Dominion Aura – 4/4
  • Thanatosis – 2/4


  • Fire Aura – 4/4
  • Pyroclad – 4/4
  • Basic Training – 1/4
  • Resistance Conditioning – 4/4

Gear Recommendations

Equip Fatebound items with bonuses for enhanced Mana Regen and Skill Cooldown reduction. Opt for set bonuses like Mage Vestments and Concentration. Amplify your damage output with the Field Marshal set bonus for increased summons and Flaming Core for added firepower.

Main Gear

  • Monk’s Cowl M+5
  • Bishop’s Robe M
  • Iron Staff M+5
  • Magician’s Longboots G+3

Armed with this ultimate Heretic build, you’re prepared to dominate the end game in Soul Knight Prequel. Embrace the power of strategic stat allocation, devastating skills, and perfectly chosen gear. Step onto the battlefield and watch as your Heretic becomes an unstoppable force. Go forth, champion, and conquer the challenges that await!