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Discover the potential of a Sorcerer-Paladin in Baldur's Gate 3, harnessing the strength of arcane magic and divine blessings. A versatile spellcasting warrior awaits! Don't miss our article on the Best Multiclass BG3!

In this article, we will explore the best multiclass combinations in the new game Baldur’s Gate 3. We have carefully selected the finest Sorcerer-Paladin blends for you. Scroll down for our article on the Best Multiclass BG3!

Best Multiclass BG3

Druid – Cleric

Combining Druid and Cleric classes is akin to the multiclassing of Sorcerer and Warlock, as they both share Wisdom as their spellcasting modifier. This synergy ensures that spells from both classes deliver maximum damage, provided the player continues to advance in this dual direction.

By opting for this combination, players can transform their Druid into an exceptional spellcasting tank. The choice of a Light Domain Cleric enables the Druid to don heavy armor, significantly enhancing their defensive capabilities. For additional versatility, players can choose Circle of the Moon or any other Druid subclass to complement this combination effectively.

Fighter – Barbarian

Players have the option to explore various combinations beyond just pairing spellcasters or enhancing melee classes with ranged abilities. Even merging two pure melee classes can yield fascinating outcomes. The Fighter class, renowned for its effectiveness in close combat, is considered one of the finest choices, especially for newcomers to Baldur’s Gate 3.

By blending the multi-attack prowess of the Fighter with the ferocious rage of the Barbarian, a formidable tank emerges, capable of dealing substantial damage to adversaries. The seamless integration of these classes is facilitated by their shared weapon preferences, making the combination a truly magnificent feat.

Paladin – Ranger

The Ranger class has proven to be an excellent secondary choice for players looking to level up alongside another class. This advantage extends beyond just rogues, as even tank-like characters can benefit from acquiring some ranged abilities.

Combining the Paladin class with a Ranger offers a unique blend of remaining devoted to the holy light while gaining enhanced versatility. The ability to engage enemies from a distance ensures consistent attacks during a player’s turn, keeping them in the action at all times.

Rogue – Ranger

Rogues possess a renowned stealthy nature, making them an excellent option for those who desire to move covertly and deliver devastating critical hits. On the other hand, Rangers excel at long-range attacks and have the ability to ambush unsuspecting foes.

Blending these two classes can result in an exceptionally stealthy archer, particularly if the player opts for the ranger subclasses Hunter or Gloom Stalker, which emphasize stealth. Players would primarily focus on leveling up as a Rogue to maintain a high critical hit potential during stealthy attacks.

Sorcerer – Paladin

Paladins are initially limited to a small selection of spells dictated by the Oath they swear. Nevertheless, their robust nature allows for enhancement through multiclassing with various spellcasting classes. Among these options, the Sorcerer stands out as an enticing choice due to its shared spell modifier with the Paladin. By embracing this multiclass path, Paladins can unlock a plethora of spells that were previously beyond their reach.

Similar to the fusion of a Fighter and a Wizard, this combination empowers spellcasters with heightened defensive capabilities during battles. The advantage here lies in the player’s prior experience with spell usage, which adds an extra layer of proficiency to their repertoire.

Sorcerer – Warlock

When combining classes, a crucial consideration for players is their current attributes. While specific attributes are not mandatory to acquire a class, the effectiveness of a second role depends on having compatible modifiers to support it.

For spellcaster classes, it is advisable to combine classes that share the same attribute as their spellcasting modifier. A prime illustration of this principle is seen in the Sorcerer and Warlock combination, as both classes rely on Charisma for their magic. By doing so, players can access a broader array of spells from both classes while maintaining significant power in either of them.

Wizard – Fighter

In another approach, players have the option to blend spellcasting classes with those specializing in melee combat. This strategy requires careful planning from the outset to ensure the right distribution of stats. Otherwise, they may end up with underpowered spells.

To achieve this synergy, players are advised to begin as a Wizard and gradually invest in the Fighter class to gain access to multi-attack. By adopting this progression, players can effectively wield their magical prowess while simultaneously engaging in close combat, ensuring they can strike multiple times as a formidable mage and sustain themselves with abilities like Second Wind.

Barbarian – Bard

Combining the Barbarian and Bard classes in both Baldur’s Gate 3 and Dungeons and Dragons creates a unique and entertaining character option. Beginning as a Barbarian, players harness their rage to protect their team in intense battles. By incorporating a few levels in Bard, this character gains the ability to not only support their party with enchanting melodies but also access a range of spells.

The idea of a Bardbarian may seem amusing at first glance, but it surprisingly offers a captivating and diverse gameplay experience. This character possesses the charisma to charm and persuade others or the intimidation to coerce them into obeying the player’s wishes. And in dire situations, when all else fails, the player can rely on their primal rage to swiftly overcome opponents.

Overall, the Barbarian-Bard blend allows players to explore a compelling and entertaining playstyle that balances brute strength with the finesse of music and magic. It’s an exciting choice for those seeking an unconventional yet powerful character to embark on thrilling adventures in the realms of Baldur’s Gate 3 and Dungeons and Dragons.