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Unleash your Ranger's potential in Soul Knight! Our guide explores top builds for Projectile and AOE playstyles, covering Buccaneer Captain’s Naval Cannon and Soul Calibre. Find optimized Fatebound sets, soul options, skills, and gear recommendations. Master your Ranger journey!

Unlock the full potential of your Ranger in Soul Knight with our comprehensive guide to the best builds for both Projectile and AOE playstyles. Whether you’re wielding the Buccaneer Captain’s Naval Cannon or the mighty Soul Calibre, we’ve got you covered with optimized Fatebound sets, soul options, skill sets, and gear recommendations.

Best Ranger Build

Projectile Type Ranger Build

Weapon Choices

  • Buccaneer Captain’s Naval Cannon
  • Soul Calibre (Fatebound of your choice)

Weapon Optimization

  • Naval Cannon: Prioritize regular/physical damage and DEX.
  • Soul Calibre: Focus on Crit Chance, Strength, Attack Speed, Skill CD, and Damage.

Fatebound Sets

  • Heavy Ordinance, Multishot, Lock On (Alternatives: Brutality, Manasteal)

Soul Options

  • Buccaneer (Bludgeoning Effect)
  • Medusa (Increased damage with distance)
  • Anubis (Bonus Life)

Sample Builds

  • Provide sample builds for reference.

AOE Type Ranger Build

Weapon Choice

  • Ballista of the Sandworm (Second Fatebound is your preference)

Build Stats

  • Regular Damage 30%
  • Dexterity +12
  • All Damage +8%
  • Skill CD +30%
  • Dexterity + (8, 4 & 4)

Fatebound Sets

  • Blowout, Twin Novaeee, Gravitation Nova, Onslaught

Soul Options

  • Archwizard (Level 2 or 3) for INT to DEX conversion
  • Sandworm (Optional)

Skill Set

  • Flexible skill sets for various playstyles.

Sample Builds

  • Present a few gear builds for the AOE Type Ranger.

Playstyle & Valkyrie Boons Recommendation

Playstyle Tips

  • Emphasize the importance of constant movement and cautious skill usage.
  • Provide kiting strategies for survival.

Valkyrie Boons

  • Main: Thor’s Demesne
  • Choose 1: Harbinger of Helheim or Freya’s Bulwark
  • Choose 1: Gungnir or Laevateinn

Discover the ultimate Ranger experience in Soul Knight with our meticulously crafted guide. Whether you prefer raining projectiles from a distance or unleashing AOE devastation, this guide equips you with the knowledge to conquer the End Game challenges. Master the playstyle, optimize your gear, and reign supreme in the world of Soul Knight.