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Unlock the might of a colossal bear in our Ultimate Summoner Build Guide! Dominate foes with simple steps, creating an unstoppable summoner in your favorite game.

Welcome to the Ultimate Summoner Build Guide, where we’ll focus on unleashing the power of a giant bear creature to dominate your foes. Follow these simple steps and recommendations to create an unstoppable summoner character in your favorite game.

Best Summoner Build in Shadovia

Acquiring the Bear Bearer Staff

Your journey begins with obtaining the Bear Bearer Staff, a game-changing item that summons a formidable bear creature to deal massive damage. Head to the Savannah area and defeat the Bearhead boss. This boss has a chance to drop the Bear Bearer Staff.

  • Location: Savannah area
  • Teleport: Use the Savannah Cubit/Shrine and head right
  • Summoning Boss: Purchase Raremeat Steak Bait from NPC Shigmy and use it on a black square to summon Bearhead

Unleashing the Bear’s Might

Equip your Bear Bearer Staff and gear, and witness the bear wreak havoc on your enemies. Ensure you have the necessary stats to buff Bearhead, increasing its size and power.

Gear for Maximum Summoning Power

Build a powerful character by acquiring the right gear to enhance your summoning abilities.

  • Armor: Dragon Tamer’s Cuirass and Dragon Tamer’s Faulds. Obtain materials by defeating Magmagic Wrathbringer on the small island next to Brimstone.
  • Headgear: Scary Crowhat, a rare drop from Scarecrows in the Graveyard.
  • Offhand: Any shield, preferably one that increases HP, as there is currently no summon-specific offhand item.
  • Accessories: Boost your Summon Power with items like the Tiara (from Princess Twix’s quests), the Slime Queen Crown, or the Ancient Summoner Grand Scroll (found in the tomb). An easier alternative is the Lost Idol, obtainable from certain enemies in the Desert.

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep the bear summoned at all times for maximum damage.
  • Seize opportunities to contribute with your own attacks.

Embark on your journey as the ultimate summoner, armed with the Bear Bearer Staff and a powerful set of gear. Crush your enemies and conquer the game with this unbeatable summoner build!