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Take a peek at our Kaizen guide for the Best Way To Get Cursed Daggers. Follow the steps, and you'll snag those Cursed Daggers in the easiest way possible!

So you’ve set your sights on the elusive Cursed Daggers in Kaizen, and you want the lowdown on the best way to snag them. Well, buckle up because here’s your guide to slicing through the grind and landing those wicked blades.

Best Way To Get Cursed Daggers in Kaizen

Finding the Legendary Module

To kick off your cursed adventure, you’ll need to get your hands on the Legendary Module, the key to unlocking the Cursed Daggers. These purple modules drop from all enemies, but if you’re looking to up your chances, take on the big bosses – they’re more likely to cough one up.

A solid recommendation is to tackle Getouh or Geto in the Midlands. Beat one of these bad boys, and you’re guaranteed a Legendary Module. It’s not a 100% drop for the daggers, but this module packs a punch in increasing your odds.

Decoding the Module

Once you’ve triumphantly acquired that Legendary Module, it’s time for the next step. Head over to either Prof. Hitsuji in Noroi Village or Jujutsu High Outskirts. These folks are your go-to for decoding the module and unlocking the chance to score those Legendary Cursed Daggers.

Team Up for Efficiency

Now, let’s talk strategy. Geto can be a tough nut to crack and might take a while to bring down. Having a buddy along for the ride can significantly speed up the process and save you from a solo headache.

Cursed Daggers Skills

Your patience has paid off, and you’ve got those Cursed Daggers in hand. What’s in store? Well, three nifty skills:

  • Flash Strike (E)
  • Chase (R) (Use it twice for the impact!)
  • Dancing Daggers (T) (This one’s a farming champ with its wide and powerful AoE.)

Now, Geto might drop anything from a Common to a Legendary Module, so brace yourself for the loot variety.