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Now, take a look at our Best Way to Start Chillquarium guide. Learn the tips and tricks for Chillquarium!

The subject of our short guide is Best Way to Start Chillquarium. Let’s get started!

Best Way to Start Chillquarium

When Starting Chillquarium, one may not know what fish to sell and what fish to keep in their tank!
This guide will explain the best way to start your Chillquarium.

While even the common fish look nice in aquarium they are not worth keeping for their small daily incomes. I would recommend to completely ignore aesthetics in the beginning of your Chillquarium journey and focus solely on acquiring the most profitable fish.

A good rule of thumb to aim for is selling any fish that do not bring in at least $10 a day.

This would mean sell any commons in your tank, sell all rares except for Flowerhorn Cichlid, keep all epics except for the Discus. and keep both legendary fish.

While there may be painted fish you want to keep I still would not keep them if they are not bringing in at least $10 a day.

Gold fish have high sell values and the best option would usually be to sell them.

I find the best strategy is to simply make the most profitable aquarium you possibly can and then starting a second aquarium ignoring profit numbers and just building the most aesthetically pleasing aquarium you would like. This first profit based aquarium will put you on a fast track to getting the pebbles, lights, and decorations you want for your dream aquarium.

As your tank grows and gets more profitable you can increase the minimum daily earning fish to $15.

In the end keep what fish you would like and make your aquarium fit whatever style you like but this is my recommendation on the best and fastest way to get your dream Chillquarium.