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Looking for Githyanki Creche in Baldur's Gate 3? Our guide helps locate it through patrol routes. Follow BG3 guide to reach it easily.

If you’re looking for the location of the Githyanki Creche in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’re in the right place! However, there isn’t a fixed location for the Githyanki Creche. By examining the routes and potential locations where the Githyanki Creche patrols, this guide will help you locate it effortlessly. Follow our BG3 guide step by step and reach the Githyanki Creche!

Githyanki Creche Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

The first thing you’ll need to do for the “Find the Githyanki Creche” quest is locate an NPC named Zorru. Zorru is a Tiefling who can help you find the creche’s location. You can spot them in the northwestern part of the Wilderness map. Your map will have the exact spot marked for you. But remember, Zorru might move on if you decide to tackle other tasks in the area first – like taking down the three leaders at the Goblin Camp or rescuing the refugees. Don’t worry too much if Zorru’s not around anymore; all they do is point you towards an old bridge in the far northwest of the Wilderness, just west of Waukeen’s Rest.

Now, let’s talk about a big decision: what to do with the Artefact when you get to that bridge. A cutscene starts as you arrive, bringing in a bunch of Githyanki who are after the mysterious artefact Shadowheart has. If she’s not with you, you’ve got the artefact. Here’s where it gets interesting – you need to choose whether to spill the beans about the artefact or keep it hush-hush. The truth is, the choice doesn’t change things much, except for how Shadowheart feels about you. If Lae’zel is in your crew, she’ll give you a thumbs-up if you let her talk to the Githyanki, but it’s cool with her if you decide to keep the artefact on the down-low.

Githyanki Creche Location in Baldur's Gate 3
Got it, the Githyanki gang and the route to the Mountain Pass via the bridge are located in the marked spot right here.

Find the Githyanki Creche

Once you’re dealing with the Githyanki on the bridge, your next move is heading over to the Mountain Pass. Cross the bridge to the west, and you’ll find yourself in the first part of the Mountain Pass area. Keep an eye out for the Trielta Crags waypoint just up ahead. From there, make your way northeast towards the Rosymorn Monastery. If you need a lift, there’s a handy rope nearby to help you reach it. As you approach the monastery’s entrance, brace yourself for another cutscene revealing the Githyanki’s harshness towards those they suspect as thieves. And guess what? If you let slip that you have the artefact, you’re in for the same treatment.

Standing at the entrance of the Rosymorn Monastery, you’ve got a few ways to get in. Climbing vines on the western side might seem tempting, but hold off for now. Picking this option will trigger a tussle with some tricky critters who pack a punch when you cast spells around them. So, instead, divert your attention to the knotted roots above the boxes, just west of the main entrance. Climb up there for a safer route inside. You’ll find plenty of rooms to explore within the monastery.

Githyanki Creche Patrol Route

If you’re on the hunt for the Creche, here’s the route to take:

  1. Head north from the balcony you just climbed and veer right (east) at the barricade.
  2. Keep going east by jumping over the floor gap caused by tree branches.
  3. Take a right (south) until you spot a big door on your left (not the enchanted one). Go through it and descend the steps.
  4. After passing by a talking bust, continue down the steps to the north and slip through the gap in the wall.
  5. Now make a right (north) and enter through the Oak Door. You’re now on the opposite side of the main entrance.
  6. Keep heading west until you spot stairs leading down to the north. Follow them to the bottom – that’s where the entrance to the Githyanki Creche awaits.

Before you descend to the Creche, it’s a smart move to unlatch the main entrance doors of the monastery. You can only open them from the inside, and it’ll save you a trip later.

Githyanki Creche Patrol Route in Baldur's Gate 3
Here’s a handy map of the Mountain Pass for you. You’ll spot the Trielta Crags down in the south, while the Rosymorn Monastery and the Githyanki Creche are up north.

At the bottom of the stairs, near the talking bust, there’s a barricade you’ll need to smash through. No worries – smashing it won’t sound the alarm for any enemies. You can use regular melee attacks or a swift spell like Fireball. If you’re still figuring out the way, check out the images below for a visual assist.

Now, within the Githyanki Creche, it’s time to chat with the nearby sentries and lay out your intentions. You’ve got options, but if you’re not itching for a fight (unless you’re well-prepared and not concerned about ruffling Lae’zel’s feathers), your best bet is to sway them with your character’s strengths via roll checks. Or simply tell them you’re here on Captain Voss’s orders.

As you explore the Creche Y’llek, you’ll come across a trader named A ‘jak’ nir Jeera (aka the Quartermistress) in the southeast corner. She’s got supplies and decent gear up for grabs, which could be a boon for the upcoming showdown. This is also your chance to offload any stuff that’s cluttering your inventory.

Where to Find Githyanki Creche in Baldur's Gate 3
Take a look at this map of the Creche Y’llek. You can see the Infirmary, Captain’s Quarters, Classroom, and the unmarked Hatchery up in the northwest.

Speaking of exploring, there’s a heap of chests scattered around the Creche. Most are ripe for looting or lockpicking. Just keep in mind, when you’re trying to crack one open, make sure no Githyanki are peeking. To pull this off, it’s best to call in someone crafty like Astarion, a real rogue type. Remember the Githyanki egg Lady Esther was after on the road to the Mountain Pass? You can score one in the Hatchery, nestled in the northwestern part of the Creche. And the best part? There are plenty of ways to nab that egg – it’s not just about swiping or brawling. For the full scoop, hop over to our “Give Lady Esther the Githyanki or Owlbear Egg in BG3?” guide.

And hey, there’s more to uncover! Spot a Classroom housing the ever-grumpy Sa’varsh Kethk educating students. Feel free to exchange a few words, but picking a fight? Not our recommendation. It’s all about the dialogue here.

Githyanki Creche Routes
Make sure to have a chat with the trader in the Creche Y’llek. You might just find some items that could really help you out.