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Learn how to solve the Plaque Puzzle and Sharran Sanctuary in Baldur’s Gate 3. Follow the our BG3 Plaque Puzzle guide!

In today’s guide, we’ve explained how to solve the Plaque Puzzle in BG 3 and the solution path for Sharran Sanctuary. Additionally, this guide also provides information on the rewards you’ll receive after solving them. So, let’s get started with our guide!

Plaque Puzzle Baldur’s Gate 3

BG3 Plaque Puzzle Solution
To crack the Plaque Puzzle in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ve got to give those Plaques a little nudge in this precise sequence:

Cracking the Plaque Puzzle in BG3 is all about teamwork. In your party, make sure someone’s got a good perception check for each plaque. When you’ve aced all three checks, you’ll dive into a sea of jumbled phrases and letters. But here’s the magic: press those plaques in the perfect order, and watch those jumbles transform into complete sentences.

For this maneuver, follow these steps:

  • Give the northern plaque a gentle press.
  • Move along to the plaque on the west.
  • Wrap it up with a tap on the eastern plaque.

If you’re more of a visual learner, a peek at the image above will show you the sequence. When you conquer this challenge, get ready to witness some secret door action at the statue’s back. With that, you’ve nailed the Plaque Puzzle in BG3, and the gateway to the Sharran Sanctuary is yours to unlock!

Sharran Sanctuary Solution

Plaque Puzzle Baldur's Gate 3
You need to make checks with the statues to get access to the final room of the Sharran Sanctuary.
Plaque Puzzle Baldur's Gate 3
Here are the rewards you can get if you offer blood to the Sharran Sanctuary altar.

Once you’ve stepped into this sacred realm, you’ll notice that the Shadow Curse has decided to give this place a wide berth. As you take your stride down the stairs, a bunch more of those Shar statues will come into view. Now, these statues are all about checks – often playing the charisma and intelligence tune. Beat these tests, and the gateway to the ultimate chamber swings open for you.

No matter how you swing it, after your little chat with the statues, you’re golden to stroll right into the grand finale chamber. Now, once you’re facing that altar, it’s decision time. Two choices in the offering: either snag the Ritual Dagger of Shar like a daring swindler, or take the righteous path and offer up a sacrifice to Shar. Opt for the sacrifice, and if you’re up for a bit of bowl-blood magic, you’ll snag these goodies:

  • Scroll of Revivify
  • Scroll of Blight
  • Potion of Angelic Reprieve
  • Elixir of Necrotic Resistance
Plaque Puzzle Baldur's Gate 3
If you steal the dagger, then you have guards to fight off…

Now, if the daring dagger-snatch tickles your fancy, here’s the catch: you’ll stir up a trio of guards that won’t be up for a friendly chat. Brace yourself for around 70 HP each, a sprinkle of pesky AOE acid moves, and a dose of hard-hitting melee swings. Handle with care, as these folks mean business.

What’s the kicker? You won’t be slipping that dagger into your pocket since it’s got its own snazzy animation with the Altar. Plus, those guards won’t be leaving behind any loot party favors. Our sage advice? Consider spilling a tad of your own blood, nab those goodies, and walk away from the hassle.