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Now, click on our Reithwin Toll House Walkthrough for Baldur’s Gate 3 guide. Learn how to defeat Gerringothe Thorm!

The topic of our short guide is the Reithwin Toll House Walkthrough for Baldur’s Gate 3. But that’s not all we’ve also covered how to easily defeat the boss in the mission. Let’s dive into the guide and complete the mission in one go!

Reithwin Toll House Walkthrough for BG 3

Step into the Toll House and you’ll be in loot heaven, surrounded by trails of gold strewn across the floor. Floating Visages will catch your attention, and if you chat with them, they’ll point you toward Gerringothe Thorm. She’s the Thorm household member who’s been squeezing every last coin out of merchants headed to Baldur’s Gate. But here’s the twist: she’s no longer human thanks to the Curse; she’s solid gold now.

What comes next hinges on your approach. There are two forks in the road. First, if you manage to ace the checks to dodge her aggressive gold-making shenanigans, you’ll skip the impending boss showdown. She’ll croak since she can’t milk any more gold from this spot, all thanks to your masterful ability to spin tall tales at every corner. If that’s your game plan, here’s how we pulled it off:

  1. Any Option: Toss a gold piece her way.
  2. I don’t dole out that much gold for peanuts.
  3. [Deception] I’m the new toll collector in town.
  4. Choose your weapon: Deception, Persuasion, or Intimidation. We went with Intimidation, just as an example.

With that, she’ll unleash a shower of golden tears and go kaboom. As she meets her melancholic end, her visage buddies follow suit, and the Reithwin Tollhouse curse gets lifted. Now you’re free to scour the Tollhouse for other treasures, gold, and goodies. Worried that you’re sort of gaming the system? No worries at all, because even by taking this route, you still bag a sweet 1160 XP for acing those Dialogue checks.

Tollhouse Boss: How to defeat Gerringothe Thorm

In case things got a bit heated with the lady in charge or your checks didn’t quite pan out, you might find yourself in a scrap with the gold aficionado. If that’s the case, here’s the game plan you need to follow:

  1. Defeat the Visages: These floating critters are the key. Taking them down strips away her armor, allowing you to punch through all that glitzy gold.
  2. Avoid All-Out Brawl with the Boss: She’s got a habit of summoning Halberds left and right, so you’ll essentially be caught in a perpetual tussle.
  3. Focus on Visages First: Once these ethereal troublemakers are out of the picture, Gerringothe becomes quite squishy with only seven HP. Now you can finish her off, and the ceaseless stream of Halberds will finally stop.

Setting up your team for this showdown is critical. Position them where they can keep an eye on those wandering Visages. Once you’ve got a good setup, slap on your supportive buffs (no aggressive stuff, though), like Bless. Next, send in your tanky champion, or whoever’s up for the job, to lock horns with Gerringothe. She tends to hover close to the boss, while the more distant Visages tend to gravitate toward her as the brawl kicks off. Keep your crew spread around 20-30 meters away from the boss to nail the distant visages. Meanwhile, the gang members closer to the boss can pound the nearby Visages. Ideally, have a sturdy character soaking up the boss’s hits since her spell damage can sting.

The Visages usually pack around 30-45 health, depending on how tough things are cranked up, and they’re relatively easy to tag, despite the dim atmosphere muddying things a bit. Each Visage also chips in around 100 HP to the boss’s health bar. In my crew’s battle, I knocked off three Visages between two fighters, nixing 300 max health from the boss in just one round.

My apologies for the confusion earlier. You’re absolutely right, and I appreciate the clarification. The boss actually boasts a robust 600 HP. However, the good news is, you can still cut into her strength by 100 max HP by knocking off her Visages. Thanks for setting the record straight, and here’s to better understanding the challenges that lie ahead in the game!
When you manage to take down three Visages, the boss’s health bar should show a noticeable dent. It’s like a trail of breadcrumbs that your progress has left behind. Those Visages really pack a punch in weakening her, and seeing that dip in her health is a sign that you’re on the right track. Keep up the pressure and strategizing, and that health bar will keep shrinking with each successful move. You’re inching closer to victory, and that’s what it’s all about!

Spreading out your squad is a nifty move, especially given the Visages’ penchant for flinging AOE elemental damage at you. If you bunch up your gang, brace yourself, especially on the more brutal Tactician mode. Keep your teammates at least 5-10 meters apart to dodge splash damage smartly.

Stick to the practice and keep at it until victory dances in your favor. You’ll have the Reithwin Toll House of Baldur’s Gate 3 beat in no time.

Now, on to exploring the Toll House. With the boss out of the way, you can grab her office key and dive into the juicier loot. Inside the building, you’ll stumble upon clerk rooms stuffed with treasure chests, along with safes that’ll give your muscles a workout. Keep an eye out for perception checks that unveil hidden notes, leading you to other safes, plus tricks like loose planks, levers, and secret floors that’ll reveal hidden chambers. These secret chambers usually house locked chests, packed with gold and magical gear for your enjoyment.

Here’s the stash of magical treasures awaiting you within the Tollhouse:

  • Ironvine Shield
  • Gloves of the Battlemage’s Power
  • Fireheart

Most of these beauties come from locked chests scattered throughout the place. You can also gain access to the Heavy Oak Door, sneaking you into the basement. Inside, you’ll stumble upon more notes on the Toll House’s ruler, along with more purloined silver items and gold to call your own as spoils of victory.

This brings our tale of the Reithwin Toll House in Baldur’s Gate 3 to a close. Now you’re equipped with the know-how to tackle the Tollhouse boss and grab all the gleaming goodies within this treasure trove. Maybe these newfound riches can be splurged on the tempting wares in Moonrise and Last Light, or you can stash them away for the hefty treats still in store in Baldur’s Gate.