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Click on our guide titled How to Rescue the Tieflings now. Learn about where to find Tieflings, how to free them from the prison, and much more!

The topic of our short guide is How to rescue the Tieflings. In this guide, we’ve explained where to find Tieflings in Moonrise Towers, how to free the Tieflings in their prison, and we’ve also covered the details about the Potent Robe reward. Let’s dive right in and start exploring!

Baldurs Gate 3 How to rescue the Tieflings

Welcome to Act 2, adventurer! Now, in order to dive into this quest, you’re gonna have to keep pushing forward in the game until you hit the Shadowlands. There are two routes you can take to get there, and we’ve got a nifty guide to help you decide whether to trek through the Underdark or tackle the Mountain Overpass. Choices, choices!

Once you land at the Last Light Inn, you’ll meet up with Alfira, who’s your go-to for kicking off the “Rescue the Tieflings” quest. She spills the beans that some of those Tieflings have been nabbed and are chilling in lockup over at Moonrise Towers.

Now, let’s talk Moonrise Towers. This place is where the action’s at in Act 2. Whether you’re planning to be the Tiefling savior or you’ve got other plans, this is your destination. But, here’s the twist: If you’re all about saving the Tieflings, it’s gotta be done before you wrap up any other Moonrise Tower quests. Especially watch out for those tied to the “Infiltrating Moonrise Towers” questline. There’s a catch though – once you cross that point, you’re stuck with your choices. No takebacks!

So, heed this advice and charge forth wisely, dear player. Moonrise Towers awaits, with all its quests and secrets, and the Tieflings are counting on you. Time to make your mark!

Where to Find the Tieflings in Moonrise Towers

Hey there, player! If you haven’t made your way to Moonrise Towers just yet, hold up – you’re gonna need a Moon Lantern to light your path through the Shadowlands without any hiccups. Two roads to snag one: either call up Kar’niss or go all sneaky Harper mode, ambush him, and swipe his lantern. If you pick the first choice, remember, you’ll still need to grab a lantern from inside Moonrise Towers later on. Kar’niss isn’t in the business of lantern giveaways, ya know?

Now, onto a hero move! As you stroll towards Moonrise Towers, pause before the Tollhouse and lend an ear to cries for help coming from your left. That’s Ronan in a tight spot, battling Shadow baddies. Speed is your ally here – prevent him from being snuffed out by the Shadows and turning into a Shadow-Cursed Undead. Jump into the fray, give those Shadows a taste of defeat, and toss some healing his way to keep him in the game. The scrap isn’t overly tough, but the trickiest bit’s keeping Ronan in one piece. Once the Shadows are history, chat up Ronan. He’s got a begrudging ‘thank you’ for you, mixed with some self-anger for being a bit on the weak side. He had his sights set on infiltrating Moonrise Towers for a Tiefling rescue mission, just like you.

With that done, he’ll shuffle back to Last Light Inn. And guess what? You’re in for a heartwarming cutscene – Ronan connecting with the Tieflings you’re about to liberate. Now, that’s some nice progress!

Alright, into the nitty-gritty of Moonrise Towers. Get to the western chunk of the ground floor, and trail the blood path leading downstairs. Yep, those stairs lead to the slammer. In Prison Cell Four, you’ll cross paths with the Tieflings, while Prison Cell Two is where Wulbren and a bunch of Gnomes chill. Time for some persuasion skills: get those Tieflings to see you’re not their foe, and they’ll have your back. Now chat with Wulbren – he’s got the scoop on a plan. The Gnomes are itching to smash through a wall and escape via an underground dock. They’ll help the Tieflings bust out too, but they’re thirsty for some bludgeoning weapons. Anything other than Force and Bludgeoning damage won’t make a dent in that wall.

So, gather those bashing tools and get ready to break some barriers, hero!

It’s lantern time, folks! No matter how you slice it, getting to Moonrise Towers demands a little light guidance from Kar’niss’ trusty lantern. It’s like a must-have ticket to the place, no exceptions. So whether you decide to team up with him or catch him off guard alongside the Harpers, that lantern is your magical ride to Moonrise Towers. Let there be light on your path, adventurer!

How to Free the Tieflings in Moonrise Towers Prison

Oh boy, when it comes to breaking the Gnomes and Tieflings out, there’s a bunch of roads you can take, each with its own flavor. Some paths have you duking it out with the whole gang of Prison Guards and even the Warden. Others, well, they’re all about getting a little sneaky. We’ve whipped up a juicy guide with the full scoop on all the ways to tackle this breakout. You’ve got options galore, from tiptoeing to levers and everything in between.

Now, let’s dive into our preferred method. We handed those Gnomes some serious bludgeoning gear – think hammers, maces, you name it. The smashy team got to work, while we pulled off some slick moves. Misty Step was the name of the game here, thanks to either a spell, a scroll, or even a nifty amulet nabbed from Priestess Gut’s room. With that trick, we zapped right into the Tieflings’ crib and gave that back wall a good ol’ pounding. Sounds like a plan, right?

Hang on, though – the guards catch wind of the action. But guess what? The Tieflings and Gnomes are on the move, sneaking out the back door and making a beeline for the boat. Oh, and that boat ain’t your regular water ride – they’re trying to break free by smashing those pesky chains. You’ll wanna deal with Scrying Eyes pronto – they’re troublemakers who might call in backup if you’re not careful.

Now, here’s where things can get a tad wild. You might notice some of those Tieflings and Gnomes having a change of heart and dashing back from the boat to join the party. They’re not the heavy lifters in a fight, mostly just throwing pebbles and such. Keep these guys safe and sound, even if it means a few tactical maneuvers. After a good number of turns, Wulbren takes charge, pushing all NPCs, fight or no fight, to hit the boat road. If this happens, you can catch up with them later at the Inn when the dust settles. Finish the fight, or maybe you skipped it? Either way, the boat’s all set for a ride back to the Last Light Inn.

Looks like you’re on the brink of a daring escape, and the stage is set for a showdown you won’t forget. Time to let your decisions steer the ship!

Alfira’s Reward What is the Potent Robe

Great news, champ! After your masterful jailbreak, get back to the cozy Last Light Inn. And guess what? It’s time for some wholesome moments. First up, catch Rolan and Lia reuniting like long-lost pals. Yep, hearts will flutter, tears might flow – it’s a touching scene.

But the party ain’t over yet! Now, chat it up with Alfira, the quest master. She’s got a little something-something for your troubles. Brace yourself for the goodies: gold, potions, scrolls – and the real kicker, a Potent Robe that’s cooler than a frosty potion on a hot day. This robe isn’t just any old piece of cloth; it’s rare, baby! And it’s packing some serious perks.

Imagine a robe that boosts your defense by 10 points – that’s like armor, but swankier. And there’s more: unleash your cantrips with a charismatic punch, dealing extra damage matching your Charisma Modifier. Plus, every time your turn rolls around, the robe’s got your back, dishing out temporary hit points equal to your Charisma Modifier. Now, that’s a friend that keeps on giving.

If you’re all about casting spells and rocking that charisma, this robe is your ticket to awesomeness. Heck, it’s even got us considering a whole respec for our trusty Gale the Wizard. This robe is the real deal, a power-up that’ll have spellcasters grinning from ear to ear. So, get ready to strut your stuff in style, magic-user!