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Discover the characters in BG3 subclasses with the Subclass Tier List. Choose the character that suits you best and enjoy a delightful gaming experience.

Baldur’s Gate 3″ is a role-playing video game developed and published by Larian Studios. It was released for Windows on August 3, 2023, and will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and macOS on September 6, 2023. With the BG3 Subclass Tier List, you will get to know the classes more closely and achieve a more immersive gaming experience. Scroll down for the BG3 Subclass Tier List.

BG3 Subclass Tier List

With the BG3 Subclass Tier List, you will make the right choices in Subclasses without confusion and achieve a more enjoyable gaming experience. In Baldur’s Gate 3, which players enjoy playing, we have received help not only from our own experiences but also from players who are highly experienced in role-playing games. So, let the BG3 Subclass Tier List begin.

BarbarianWild HeartBerserker
ClericLife, Trickster
DruidLandMoon, Spores
FighterBattle MasterChampionEldritch Knight
PaladinAncientsDevotion, VengeanceOathbreaker
RangerGloomstalkerBeast MasterHunter
RogueThiefAssassinArcane Trickster
SorcererDraconic BloodlineStorm SorceryWild Mage
WarlockGreat Old OneFiend, Archfey

Tier List Overview Criteria

  • T0: This is the highest tier in a tier list, reserved for the most powerful or effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are considered to be essential picks for competitive play and are often banned in tournaments.
  • T1: This tier is just below T0-tier and includes characters or strategies that are still very strong and effective, but not quite as dominant as those in the T0-tier.
  • T2: This tier includes characters or strategies that are considered to be average or balanced in terms of their strength and effectiveness. They may have some strengths and weaknesses, but they are not as dominant as those in the higher tiers.
  • T3: This is the lowest tier in a tier list, reserved for the weakest or least effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are often considered to be inferior to other options and may be rarely used in competitive play.

It’s important to note that the exact definitions and criteria for each tier can vary depending on the game and the community creating the tier list. Additionally, a character or strategy’s placement in a tier list is not always an accurate reflection of its overall strength or effectiveness, as factors such as player skill and game balance can also play a significant role.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Subclasses

With the much-anticipated launch of Baldur’s Gate 3, gamers will gain access to a comprehensive array of 12 distinct Classes, which in turn branches out into an expansive selection of approximately 46 unique Subclasses during the Character Creation process. This assortment includes not only the introduction of fresh Monk subclasses but also a plethora of new subclasses for each existing class. The development team’s commitment to enhancing player choice and providing novel experiences is evident in their inclusion of at least one additional Subclass for each Class. On average, each class will feature around 3 Subclasses; however, certain Classes such as the Cleric and the Wizard will boast an even greater selection. Excitingly, Baldur’s Gate 3 showcases the introduction of the Multiclassing feature, set to be available right from the game’s release.

Subclasses in Character Creation BG3

Once players pick a Class from the Subclass menu, they’ll gain access to a comprehensive list of Subclasses affiliated with that specific Class. After making a choice, they can delve into the details of the selected Subclass, exploring its description, linked Actions, and unique Subclass Features. Following this step, players can seamlessly transition to the subsequent stage – selecting their preferred Background.

Within this system, each Class is expected to offer around 3 distinct subclasses on average, although certain Classes might offer an even more extensive range of options.

Contrasting Subclasses Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 boasts an intricate array of Classes, each characterized by its distinctive abilities and personalities, leading to unique in-game interactions. This individuality is further accentuated by the division of each Class into various subclasses, each distinguished by their own combat tactics, playstyles, proficiencies, and strengths.

Within every Class, these subclasses harbor intricate and diverse traits, forming complex interactions based on the combinations chosen during Character Creation. The developers have emphasized that even within a single Class, such as Paladins, players can veer away from the conventional portrayal of a loyal noble knight. Instead, they might be fueled by revenge, showcasing the stark differences among subclasses under the same Class umbrella.

This dynamic interplay among subclasses not only enhances gameplay but also has the potential to unlock fresh quests, dialogues, combat sequences, animations, and overall experiences. These outcomes are not solely influenced by the chosen Class and Subclass but also by the selected Background and Race, enriching the depth and diversity of player journeys within the game.

Multiclassing in Baldur’s Gate 3

Multiclassing, a feature not present in the Early Access version, has been unveiled on the cusp of the game’s official release. Players were treated to this revelation during a showcase event. A new in-game character has been introduced to facilitate the seamless transition between classes in the midst of gameplay. This innovation permits players to rearrange their character’s levels without the need to restart the game or undergo the initial Character Creation process.

Moreover, the prerequisites for utilizing this feature have undergone modifications. The previous requirement of attaining a 13 Ability Score, as stipulated in DnD 5e, has been abolished. This empowers players with greater flexibility in exploring and customizing their character progression through multiclassing.


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