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Embark on BitLife's 'Tis Giving Challenge with our easy guide. Navigate tasks effortlessly, from gifting mansions to evading prison guards.

Embark on the ‘Tis Giving Challenge in BitLife with this easy guide. We break down each task, offering simple steps for success. From gifting mansions to evading prison guards, let’s navigate the challenges seamlessly.

How to Complete the ‘Tis Giving Challenge

Giving Your Best Friend a Mansion

  1. Acquiring Wealth:
    • Explore Auction Houses for profitable items.
    • Alternatively, pursue education for a stable income.
  2. Buying a Mansion:
    • Head to Assets > Go Shopping.
    • Purchase a mansion from a real estate broker.
  3. Gifting the Mansion:
    • Access your mansion and choose to gift it to your best friend.

Giving Million-Dollar Gifts to Parents

  1. Accumulating Wealth:
    • Continue auction item flipping or other lucrative activities.
  2. Selecting Parents:
    • In the Relationships tab, choose your mother or father.
  3. Giving Million-Dollar Gifts:
    • Select Give Gift and choose items worth over $1,000,000.
    • Repeat the process for the other parent.

Giving Blood

  1. Donating Blood:
    • Navigate to Activities > Doctor.
    • Choose Donate Blood and ensure you’re disease-free.
    • Repeat the process at least 5 times.

Giving a Prison Guard the Slip

  1. Getting Imprisoned:
    • Head to the Crime menu and commit a crime.
  2. Escaping Prison:
    • Steal a guard’s uniform for an easier escape.
    • If unsuccessful, complete a minigame to break free.

Conclusion: Master the ‘Tis Giving Challenge effortlessly by following these straightforward steps. From lavish gifts to daring escapes, conquer each task and elevate your BitLife experience. Start your giving journey now!