Black Clover – Lotus Whomalt Build Guide

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Explore Lotus Whomalt in Black Clover: learn his skills, stats, and equipment in this concise guide for legendary gameplay!

This short guide tells you everything about Lotus Whomalt in the legendary Black Clover game. Check out Lotus’ skills, stats and equipment

Black Clover – Lotus Whomalt

Welcome to the Ultimate build guide on Lotus Whomalt, the Hell Lotus, an Adjutant General hailing from the Diamond Kingdom in your favorite game. This guide will delve into Lotus’s profile, skills, abilities, and equipment, providing strategic insights on how to effectively utilize him as a Technique Class Debuffer in your squad.

Lotus Whomalt Character in Black Clover game.

Best Build for Lotus Whomalt

You can see the skills, talents, and gear set that Lotus Whomalt should use below. This is currently the most optimal build in Black Clover M Rise of the Wizard King.

Lothus Whomalt Build Cheat Sheet


Lotus Whomalt, also known as the Hell Lotus, is a prominent figure in the Diamond Kingdom, boasting the rare SR rarity. As a Technique Class Debuffer, Lotus brings a unique set of skills and abilities to the battlefield.


  1. Emit Smoke:
    • Throws a chunk of smoke, dealing damage to all enemy targets.
    • Chance to apply ATK Reduction, M. ATK Reduction, and CRIT. % Reduction.
    • Additional chance to apply Decreased Stamina.
  2. Smoke Explosion:
    • Creates a smoke vortex at an enemy camp, stealing buffs and dealing damage.
    • Gains Special Points upon defeating enemies with CRIT. % Reduction debuff.
  3. Prison of the Fallen King:
    • Creates a giant smoke covering enemies, dealing damage.
    • Applies Stamina Increase and Stamina Exhaustion.
    • Chance to apply Incapacitate and Remove All Buffs.
  4. Combined Attack:
    • Performs a combined attack with a companion, dealing damage.
    • Chance to apply Decreased Stamina.

Battle Prowess

Lotus excels in Smoke Magic, using it for stealth and manipulation. His Creation Magic allows him to shape objects from smoke, trapping opponents. Additionally, he employs Weakening Magic to lower and weaken the physical abilities of his adversaries.


  1. Mana Sensory:
    • Lotus possesses the ability to sense mana, aiding in locating opponents within thick smoke.


  • Strength: 3
  • Magic Amount: 3
  • Magic Control: 5
  • Magic Sensing: 4
  • Cleverness: 4
  • Prudence: 5


  1. Grimoire:
    • Contains smoke-based magic spells.
    • Light-colored covers with intricate ornaments and a diamond insignia.
  2. Communication Device:
    • Small device for audio communication with Diamond Kingdom mages.

Strategy Tips

  • Utilize Emit Smoke for crowd control and debuffs.
  • Make the most of Smoke Explosion by targeting enemies with active ATK Reduction buffs.
  • Deploy Prison of the Fallen King strategically to control the battlefield and disrupt enemy plans.
  • Coordinate Combined Attacks for maximum damage output with a chance to apply Decreased Stamina.

Summary: Lotus Whomalt, the Hell Lotus, is a versatile Debuffer with a unique skill set and strategic value. Master his skills, leverage his magical abilities, and equip him wisely to dominate the battlefield in the Diamond Kingdom. May your journey with Lotus be filled with victories!