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Discover the optimal Asta build in Black Clover M with insights on gears, stats, sub-stats, and subs.

In Black Clover, we explain what you need to do to create the best Asta build in M. You can find everything from the gears you will use to stats, sub stats, and subs.

Black Clover M Asta Build

Black Clover M: Best Asta Build
via: Kujira

Personal & Combat Information

  • Squad: Black Bulls
  • Rarity: SSR
  • Type: Power
  • Class: Attacker



  • Applies 15% [ATK Increase] every turn. (Stacks up to 10 times)

Cross Slash

  • Strikes the enemy target using both the Demon Dweller Sword and Demon Slayer Sword, dealing damage.
    • Applies [Weapon Enhancement Lv. 1] and then attacks the enemy target if they have an active buff.
    • Removes a [Barrier] from the enemy target.
    • Lv.2 ATK +5%
    • Lv.3 ATK +5%
    • Lv.4 ATK +5%
    • Lv.5 ATK +5%

Wild Dance

  • Strikes the enemy target multiple times using two swords, dealing damage.
    • Has an 80% chance to apply [Def Reduction Lv. 2] to an enemy target for 2 turns.
    • Lv.2 ATK +10%
    • Lv.3 ATK +10%
    • Lv.4 ATK +10%
    • Lv.5 ATK +10%

Accelerated Assault

  • Performs a powerful strike at an enemy target using two swords, dealing damage.
    • Removes [Barrier] and [Invulnerability] from an enemy target.
    • Applies [DP Lv. 3] and then attacks the enemy target if their Stamina is above 50%.
    • Lv.2 ATK +20%
    • Lv.3 ATK +20%
    • Lv.4 ATK +20%
    • Lv.5 ATK +20%

Combined Attack

  • Performs a combined attack with a partnered mage, dealing damage to an enemy.
    • Attacks after removing the enemy’s [Barrier].
    • Lv. 2: Skill ATK +10%
    • Lv. 3: Skill ATK +10%
    • Lv. 4: Skill ATK +10%
    • Lv. 5: Skill ATK +10%

Enhanced Passive

  • Grants 12% [Increased ATK] for 1 turn(s) at the start of a wave.

Skill Pages

Moonlight Necklace and False Confidence

The first skill page you should prioritize is Moonlight Necklace, providing increased defense and healing for Asta. As Asta’s damage scales with defense, this skill becomes crucial for dealing more damage when below 40% health. Additionally, False Confidence adds extra defense stats to further enhance Asta’s survivability.


Witch Queen Set Equip Asta with the Witch Queen set, focusing on full defense main stats. Opt for sub-stats like Defense %, Attack, and Crit values to amplify Asta’s overall effectiveness in combat. Pay special attention to accessories, choosing Defense as the main stat, and consider stats such as Speed, Defense, Attack, and Lifesteal for sub-stats.


Red, Blue, and Green

  • Red Talent: Prioritize a 7% Attack Increase, 5% Damage Dealt, and choose Attack & Magic Attack/Crit Damage for the middle slot.
  • Blue Talent: Opt for a 20% Defense Increase, 4% Defense Per Wave increase, and select Defense for the middle slot.
  • Green Talent: Choose a 20% Chance to Reduce Skill Cooldown by 1, a 5% increase in Accuracy and Penetration, and decide between Speed or HP for the middle slot based on your playstyle.

Recommended Teams

Consider these team compositions to complement Asta’s strengths:

  • Team 1: William Vengeance, Asta (Black), Any Barrier (Rades Spirito), and Noelle [Summer] or double Barrier.
  • Team 2: Asta (Black), Witch Queen, A Speed Unit (Valtos), and Rades Spirito or S1 Noelle.
  • Team 3: Asta (Black), Charlotte, Julius, and Rades Spirito for a balanced approach.

Experiment with these teams to find the synergy that best fits your playstyle and enhances Asta’s role as a powerful DPS option.

By following this guide, you’ll unlock the full potential of Asta (Black) in your team, dominating battles with strategic skill choices, optimal gear, well-crafted talents, and synergistic team compositions. Level up your gameplay and lead your team to victory with Asta as your formidable ally!