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Maximize Kahono's healing in your team! From skills to gear, learn the essentials for peak performance. Ideal for newcomers and seasoned players alike.

Unleash Kahono’s healing prowess with this guide, focusing on skills, gear, and talents for optimal performance in your team. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, discover the key aspects to make Kahono a vital support unit.

Black Clover M: Kahono Build

Personal & Combat information
  • Name: Kahono
  • Squad: Underwater Temple
  • Rarity: SSR
  • Type: Technique
  • Class: Healer


  • Destructive Beat
    • Sends out a sound wave filled with mana to cause damage to a single enemy
      • Grants the ally with the lowest HP [Continuous HP Recovery] equal to 4% of their maximum HP for 4 turn(s)
  • Rhythm Barrier
    • Uses her Song Magic to create a barrier around all of her allies that encourages them and grans all of them a buff
      • Grants all allies an [Barrier] equal to 14% of max HP for 2 turn(s)
      • Grants all allies [Increased DEF Lv. 2] for 2 turn(s)
      • Grants all allies [Increased HP Recovery Lv. 2] for 2 turn(s)
  • Healing Lullaby
    • Using her Song Magic, Kahono will play a beautiful melody that heals and buffs all allies
      • Grants all allies an [HP Recovery] equal to 20% of max HP
      • Grants all allies [Increased All ATK Lv. 2] for 2 turn(s)
  • Combined Attack
    • When partnered with someone, they will perform a Combined Attack with the partner on a single enemy
      • Grants the partner an [HP Recovery] equal to 20% of max HP
      • Grants the partner [Increased All ATK Lv. 5] before the attack


Equip Kahono for survival by focusing on HP, DEF, and Speed gear. Consider the following gear setup:

  1. HP Gear (x2): Enhance Kahono’s survivability.
  2. DEF Gear (x2): Boost her defense against attacks.
  3. Speed Gear (x2): Allows Kahono to act faster, crucial for timely healing.

Experiment with gear combinations to find the balance that suits your strategy.


Optimize Kahono’s support role with these key talents:

  1. Attack Talents:
    • Increased Magic Power (+7%)
    • Increased CRIT DMG (+10%)
  2. Defense Talents:
    • Increased DEF (+20%)
    • Endurance (DEF +4% and CRIT RES +2% at the start of a wave, stacks up to 5 times)
  3. Support Talents:
    • Increased DMG RES (Grants SP +1 buff at the start of a turn with less than 2 SP)
    • Mage’s Blessing (20% chance to reduce [Skill II] cool time by 1 turn at the start of the turn)

Skill Pages & Teams

Make wise choices for Kahono’s skill pages and team composition

Skill Pages – SSR

  1. Song of Healing:
    • 35% chance to restore allies’ HP upon being hit by a CRIT (Max. 3 times per battle).
  2. Adventurer’s Journal:
    • Applies Increased Max. HP to herself.

Skill Pages – SR

  1. Meat Enthusiast:
    • Applies Increased Max. HP to herself.

Synergistic Teammates

  1. Rades
  2. Valtos
  3. Julius
  4. Kiato
  5. Charmy [Summer]
  6. Gauche [Summer]
  7. Noelle [Summer]

Implement these strategies to make Kahono an invaluable asset in your team, ensuring success in battles and challenges.