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Discover the optimal Licht build in Black Clover M with insights on gears, stats, sub-stats, and subs.

In Black Clover, we explain what you need to do to create the best Licht build in M. You can find everything from the gears you will use to stats, sub stats, and subs.

Black Clover M Licht Build

Black Clover M: Licht Build
via: Kujira

Personal & Combat Information

  • Squad: Eye of the Midnight Sun
  • Rarity: SSR
  • Type: Sense
  • Class: Attacker



Licht boasts one of the most influential passive abilities within the game’s meta. His Unique Passive, aptly named Immortality, activates when his HP drops below 30% during a battle.

This remarkable ability triggers just once per battle, lasting for a single turn. If Licht faces defeat while Immortality is in effect, he undergoes a seamless resurrection, ensuring he persists in the fight and continues to confront his adversaries.

Light Swords of Conviction

Licht’s initial skill, the Luminous Blades of Resolve, involves casting a spiked light sword towards an adversary, inflicting damage upon impact.

Accompanying this skill is a unique buff exclusive to Licht himself, resulting in a 22% surge in his CRIT Rate. It’s important to note that this enhancement is not cumulative and singularly benefits Licht, with no impact on other allies.

  • Applies [Increased CRIT Rate Lv. 3] to yourself before attacking.
  • Lv. 2: Skill ATK +5%, Skill MATK +5%
  • Lv. 3: Skill ATK +5%, Skill MATK +5%
  • Lv. 4: Skill ATK +5%, Skill MATK +5%
  • Lv. 5: Skill ATK +5%, Skill MATK +5%

Light Whip of Judgment

Licht’s second skill, the Light Whip of Judgment Lash, unleashes a powerful attack on a single enemy, wielding a whip crafted from radiant light to inflict damage.

Upon activation, two beneficial effects empower Licht, while a single debuff, named Buff Immunity, is imposed on the target.

  1. CRIT Rate Surge: Licht experiences a notable 26% increase in his CRIT Rate, enhancing his likelihood of dealing critical hits.
  2. Defense Bypass Mastery: In addition to the CRIT Rate boost, Licht gains the ability to ignore 20% of the targeted enemy’s DEF during damage calculation. This amplifies the effectiveness of his attacks, ensuring significant damage output.

The accompanying debuff, Buff Immunity, takes effect upon striking the enemy. This debuff serves as a potent deterrent against any attempts to apply buffs to the affected enemy. Any effort to bestow buffs will be in vain, leaving the targeted foe devoid of any enhancements until they meet their defeat.

  • Applies [Increased CRIT Rate Lv. 2] to yourself before attacking. Applies [DEF PEN Lv. 2] to yourself before attacking.
  • Lv. 2: ATK +10%, M. ATK +10%
  • Lv. 3: ATK +10%, M. ATK +10%
  • Lv. 4: ATK +10%, M. ATK +10%
  • Lv. 5: ATK +10%, M. ATK +10%

Ray of Divine Punishment

Licht’s ultimate move, the Divine Retribution Ray, unfolds as a potent Area of Effect (AoE) assault, delivering damage to every adversary engaged in the battle. Simultaneously, this formidable move bestows a 22% boost to Licht’s CRIT Rate.

While the skill may seem slightly underwhelming due to conferring only one buff onto Licht, its redeeming quality lies in its capacity to inflict substantial damage upon all enemies. The sheer offensive prowess compensates for the singular buff application, making it a formidable asset in Licht’s arsenal.

  • Attacks after applying [Increased CRIT Rate Lv. 3] to yourself.
  • Lv. 2: ATK +10%, M. ATK +10%
  • Lv. 3: ATK +10%, M. ATK +10%
  • Lv. 4: ATK +10%, M. ATK +10%
  • Lv. 5: ATK +10%, M. ATK +10%

United Attack (Single)

Performs a combined attack with your partner, dealing damage to an enemy.

  • Applies 30% [Increased Damage] to yourself before attacking an enemy if they are taking continuous damage.
  • Lv. 2: ATK +10%, M. ATK +10%
  • Lv. 3: Increased Damage +10%
  • Lv. 4: ATK +10%, M. ATK +10%
  • Lv. 5: Increased Damage +10%

United Attack (AoE)

Achieving a United Attack with Licht demands the presence of Rhya in the same party.

When both Licht and Rhya are united in the party, they unleash a formidable AoE United Attack, summoning a barrage of light-made swords upon all adversaries, resulting in significant damage.

Enhancing the impact of this assault is the DEF PEN Lv. 2 buff, allowing the bypassing of 20% of the enemy’s DEF. The synergy between these elements culminates in a powerful strike capable of dealing substantial damage to the opposition.

  • Applies [DEF PEN Lv. 2] to yourself and the partner before attacking.
  • Lv. 2: ATK +5%, M. ATK +5%
  • Lv. 3: ATK +5%, M. ATK +5%
  • Lv. 4: ATK +5%, M. ATK +5%
  • Lv. 5: ATK +5%, M. ATK +5%


Given Licht’s emphasis on CRIT, it’s clear how his Talents should align. The primary goal is to elevate his CRIT stats and overall damage output.

  1. Sharp Mind and Increased CRIT DMG
    • Keep these two crucial Talents active consistently. They significantly boost Licht’s CRIT capabilities and amplify his damage potential.
  2. Defense and Resistance Enhancement
    • Augmenting his survivability, consider Talents that increase DEF and RES against incoming damage. This ensures Licht can withstand attacks while delivering powerful blows.
  3. Efficiency Boosters
    • Incorporate Swiftness and Endurance as additional Talents. These not only enhance Licht’s overall efficiency in battle but also contribute to his sustained performance.


To capitalize on Licht’s ability to deal substantial damage as a high DMG and CRIT character, prioritize the following gear attributes:

  1. High DMG
    • Equip gear that provides a substantial boost to damage output. This ensures Licht’s attacks pack a significant punch.
  2. High CRIT
    • Focus on gear that increases CRIT rates, further enhancing Licht’s ability to land critical hits consistently.
  3. High Speed
    • To secure the advantage of attacking first, prioritize gear with high Speed. This ensures Licht takes the initiative in battle, unleashing his devastating attacks before opponents can react.

By aligning Licht’s Talents and Gear with these strategies, you’ll optimize his performance on the battlefield, turning him into a formidable force capable of dealing devastating blows while maintaining resilience against enemy assaults.