Black Clover M: Nebra Silva Build (Gears, Stats, Skill Pages)

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Check now to maximize Nebra Silva's potential by finely tuning her skills, equipment, and team composition!

Nebra Silva, a prominent member of the Silva family in Black Clover, boasts remarkable magical abilities centered around Mist Magic. This guide will delve into her role, recommended skills, equipment sets, talents, and team compositions.

Black Clover M: Nebra Silva Build (Gears, Stats, Skill Pages)


Nebra Silva excels as a late-game nuker and debuffer, making her an invaluable asset in raids and challenging PvE content. Her Mist Magic allows her to disrupt enemy strategies, weaken defenses, and handle groups of enemies efficiently.

Recommended Skill Pages

  1. Motif Skill Page
    • Focus: Mist Magic effectiveness against defense buffs.
    • Notable additions: Buff blocking on Skill II, chance to remove enemy defense buff on attacks.
  2. Royal Pride
    • Focus: Motif skill page improvements.
    • Notable additions: Probability of speed reduction debuff when attacking, effective debuff system regardless of the enemy.
  3. A Scheming Wise General
    • Focus: Probability of speed reduction debuff when attacking.
    • Effective against any enemy, offering versatility.
  4. Blossoming of Talent
    • Focus: Defense power reduction debuff on special move.
    • Allows stacking due to percentage-based application.
  5. Thorn of Thorn
    • Focus: Crit resistance debuff when attacking.
    • Especially recommended for crit attackers.

Recommended Equipment Sets

  • Deep Sea Secrets
    • [2 sets]: Speed increase buff at the start of WAVE.
    • [4 sets]: Additional speed increase buff.
  • Traveler’s Essentials
    • [2 sets]: Speed increase buff when affected by Status Abnormal.
    • [4 sets]: Speed buff at the start of battle.

Skills and Passives

  1. Mutation Debuff
    • Unique ability to apply the “Mutation” debuff, disrupting opponent strategies.
  2. Level 4 Defense Reduction and Powerlessness
    • Applies debuffs to weaken enemies, making them susceptible to attacks.
  3. AOE Alt Skill: Mist Spider Binding Thread
    • Deals damage and applies debuffs to a broader range of enemies.
  4. Skill I: Fog Bullet
    • Releases foggy magic, inflicting magic power reduction debuff.

Skill Page Choices

  • Royal’s Confidence
    • Best skill page: Adds Buff Immunity and chance to remove Increased Defense buff.
  • Blooming Talent
    • Alternative: Chance of inflicting Reduced Defense with special skill.
  • Rose’s Thorn
    • Alternative: Reduced Critical Resistance on attack.
  • Cunning Commander
    • Viable: Small chance of inflicting Reduced Speed after attacking.

Nebra Silva Stats

This is Nebra Silva stats at level 100:

  • ATK: 2871
  • M.ATK: 8613
  • DEF: 2948
  • HP: 53777
  • ACC: 207
  • DMG RES: 209
  • CRIT Rate: 12.83%
  • CRIT DMG: 45%
  • CRIT RES: 0%
  • Speed: 107
  • Penetration: 114
  • Endurance: 53

Equipment Sets

  • Secret of the Deep Sea
    • Ideal for speed, providing the best passive speed buffs.

Talent Tree

  • Attack Talents: Ferocity for increased damage against bosses.
  • Defense Talents: Endurance and Increased DEF for survivability.
  • Support Tree: Increased DMG RES, Swiftness, and consider adding a Carved Stone for more speed.

Team Composition

  • Synergize Nebra with units capitalizing on debuffs or abilities triggered by enemy debuffs.
  • Example Team for Red Squad Boss:
    1. Nebra Silva (Signature skill page)
    2. Julius (Solid DPS)
    3. Lotus (Supplementary debuffs)
    4. Mars (Tank with debuff capabilities)