Black Clover M: S2 Gauche Build

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Dive into Gauche [Swimsuit]'s tactical prowess! Unveil skills, buffs, and optimal gear in Black Clover M. Whether new or seasoned, success lies in mastering Gauche.

Discover the strategic brilliance of Gauche [Swimsuit], the SSR Technique-class Supporter from the Black Bulls in Black Clover M. This simple guide breaks down Gauche’s skills, powerful buffs, and provides insights into the best gear choices to elevate your gameplay. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, mastering Gauche [Swimsuit] is the key to success.

Black Clover M S2 Gauche

1. Personal & Combat Information

  • Name: Gauche [Swimsuit]
  • Squad: Black Bulls
  • Rarity: SSR
  • Type: Technique
  • Class: Supporter

2. Skills Breakdown

  • Passive
    • Upon using “Skill II,” grants a random ally [Intense Sunlight].
  • Unique Passive
    • Grants [HP Recovery] equal to 15% of maximum HP when the [Buff] duration ends. (Once per wave)
  • Mirror Sun
    • Shoots a beam of sunlight, dealing damage.
    • Grants [Weapon Enhancement Lv. 1] if HP is 80% or higher.
    • Enhanced effects at higher skill levels.
  • Mirror Burn
    • Reflects sunlight at a designated ally, granting buffs.
    • Applies [Increased All ATK Lv. 3] and [Increased PEN Lv. 2].
    • Grants [Intense Sunlight] for additional benefits.
  • Cute Marie is the best!
    • Gains strength from Marie’s cuteness, granting buffs.
    • Uses 10% HP to grant [Fortify], [Increased ACC Lv. 3], and [DoT Immunity].
    • Enhanced effects at higher skill levels.
  • Combined Attack
    • Performs a combined attack, granting buffs to your partner.
    • Has a chance to apply [Increased Stamina] to your partner.
    • Additional benefits at higher skill levels.

4. Best Gear for Gauche [Swimsuit]

  • Prioritize main stats: HP, Defense, and Magick Attack.
  • Base stats as defense or HP with Magic Attack as the last priority.
  • Speed is beneficial for faster buff deployment.

Equip Gauche [Swimsuit] with the right gear, understand his skills, and unleash powerful buffs for triumph in Black Clover M. Whether you’re tackling PvE challenges or engaging in PvP battles, this guide is your gateway to mastering Gauche [Swimsuit].