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Get ready for the Blade Ball New Year Event! Balloons are vital for unlocking exciting features like the Time Hole ability. Our guide makes gathering Balloons a breeze!

Are you looking to rack up Balloons in Blade Ball for the thrilling New Year Event? Balloons are essential for unlocking exciting features like the Time Hole ability introduced in the v2.3 update. Fear not, as we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you amass those Balloons without breaking a sweat!

Blade Ball: How to Get Balloons

Daily Login

  • Simply log into Blade Ball every day for 13 days to earn Balloons.
  • Balloon rewards increase steadily with each consecutive day, reaching up to 200 Balloons on Day 13.

Gold Machine

  • Head over to the Super Coins Roll next to the leaderboard in the game lobby.
  • Spend 1000 coins for a chance to win one of 14 prizes, including Balloons.
  • Enjoy a 5% chance of obtaining 30 Balloons from the Gold Machine.

Playtime Awards

  • Spend time playing Blade Ball daily to claim Balloons.
  • Balloon rewards escalate based on the duration of your gameplay, maxing out at 275 Balloons.
  • Make sure to log in at specific time increments to claim your balloons if you need to take a break.

Battle Pass

  • Progress through the 2024 New Year’s Battle Pass to earn Balloons at various levels.
  • Complete both Daily and Seasonal quests to accumulate EXP and climb Battle Pass tiers, unlocking additional Balloons.
  • Opting for the S7: New Year’s Battle Pass provides bonus Balloons alongside other rewards.

Purchase Balloons

  • If you’re inclined to skip the grind, Balloons can be directly purchased with Robux.
  • Check out the Robux pricing for Balloon packs:
    • 200 Balloons for 99 Robux
    • 1000 Balloons for 299 Robux
    • 3500 Balloons for 799 Robux
    • 7000 Balloons for 1499 Robux
    • 15000 Balloons for 2999 Robux

Armed with this guide, you’re equipped to efficiently gather Balloons and make the most out of the New Year Event in Blade Ball. Dive in, collect those Balloons, and unleash the full potential of your gaming experience!