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Unlock the Time Hole ability in Blade Ball for a game-changing advantage on the court. Learn how to obtain and master it with our comprehensive guide.

Unlocking the Time Hole ability in Blade Ball can significantly enhance your gameplay, providing you with a powerful advantage on the court. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to obtain and utilize this coveted ability effectively.

Blade Ball: How to Get Time Hole

How to Unlock Time Hole

To unlock the Time Hole ability, follow these steps:

  1. Participate in the New Year’s Raffle: Navigate to the 2024 button located at the bottom right of the screen and click on “New Year Spin.”
  2. Spin for Epic Raffle Items: You must land on three specific items in the Epic Raffle section:
    • New Year’s Axe
    • New Year’s Slash
    • Infinity
    If you already own Infinity, you’ll only need to land on the other two weapon skins to unlock Time Hole.

Understanding Raffle Phases and Odds

  • Basic Raffle
    • 3% – New Year’s Chest (Moves you to Phase Two)
    • 10% – New Year’s Chest
    • 23% – Premium Sword Crate
    • 28% – Premium Explosion Crate
    • 30% Coins
  • Epic Raffle
    • 5% – Infinity
    • 19% – New Year’s Slasher
    • 34% – Emote
    • 42% – New Year’s Axe

Where to Find the New Year’s Raffle

Access the New Year’s Raffle by clicking on the 2024 button at the bottom right of the screen and selecting “New Year Spin.” Each spin costs 400 Balloons, which can be earned in-game or purchased with Robux.

Mastering the Time Hole Ability

The Time Hole ability offers several advantages in gameplay:

  • Speed Boost: Creates an area of effect bubble around you, boosting your speed.
  • Enemy Control: Slows down enemies and temporarily stops the ball upon activation.
  • Ability Disable: Disables enemy abilities upon contact.
  • Immunity: Grants immunity for four seconds after activation.

Tips for Effective Usage

  • Timing is Key: Activate Time Hole strategically to disrupt opponents’ strategies or escape challenging situations.
  • Coordinate with Teammates: Communicate with your team to capitalize on the slowed enemies and create scoring opportunities.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Experiment with different scenarios in-game to master the timing and positioning of Time Hole for maximum impact.

By unlocking and mastering the Time Hole ability, you can become a formidable force on the Blade Ball court, dominating your opponents with enhanced speed and control. Start spinning the raffle and unleash the power of Time Hole today!