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Discover how to acquire the Calming Deflection Ability in Blade Ball. Let's delve into the details in this article.

In this article, we will discuss what you need to do to obtain the Calming Deflection Ability in Blade Ball. Let’s move on to our article.

How To Obtain Calming Deflection

Acquiring Calming Deflection

The exclusive Calming Deflection ability in Blade Ball can only be obtained through clan participation. To unlock this ability, meet the following clan requirements:

  1. Clan Level: 2
  2. Welfare Level: 6
    • Claim the reward at 12 pm within the allotted time to extend the grace period.
  3. Coin Earning Level: 6
    • Increases the coin multiplier for all alliance members.
  4. Luck Level: 4
    • Enhances luck chances for rare items in Blade Ball for all clan members.
  5. Size Level: 5
    • Expands the clan size, allowing more members to join.

Upgrade each category using either Crowns or Clan Points. Clan Points can be purchased with real-world money if desired.

Earning Crowns and Clan Points

  1. Complete daily and weekly missions to earn Crowns and Activity Points.
    • Select “Earn Crowns” and then “Missions” from the menu.
  2. Alternatively, purchase Clan Points using Robux.
Calming Deflection in Blade Ball

Using Calming Deflection

Calming Deflection slows down the ball, offering a strategic advantage. To activate it:

  1. Slash at the ball during gameplay.

Best Strategies with Calming Deflection

  1. Disrupt Rhythm
    • Use Calming Deflection when the ball is fast to break the rhythm and potentially trick opponents into early blocks.
  2. Fake-Out Tactics
    • Leverage its similarity to Raging Deflect to deceive opponents.

Unlock Calming Deflection, master its use, and employ strategic maneuvers to gain an edge in Blade Ball!