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Embark on a journey to unlock Blox Fruits V4 Race Awakening. This guide simplifies the process, enhancing mobility, defense, and combat skills step by step.

Embark on an epic journey to unlock the powerful Race Awakening in Blox Fruits V4. This guide simplifies the process, providing step-by-step instructions to enhance your character’s mobility, defense, and combat capabilities. Get ready to conquer specific quests, puzzles, and trials to attain new skills that will set you apart in the game.

Blox Fruits: How To Get Race Awakening

Preparing for Race Awakening

  • Understand the importance of reaching V3 before attempting Race Awakening.
  • Power up your character to V3 by focusing on leveling up and completing necessary prerequisites.

Unlocking V4 – Race Awakening Steps

  1. Go to the Third Sea: Navigate to the Third Sea to begin your journey.
  2. Defeat the raid boss rip_indra: Overcome the challenges posed by raid boss rip_indra.
  3. Defeat the Dough King and claim the Mirror Fractal: Conquer the Dough King and seize the Mirror Fractal.
  4. Journey to Mirage Island at night: Explore Mirage Island during nighttime.
  5. Stand on the island’s highest mountain and stare at the moon: Follow the steps to trigger the next phase.
  6. Search for the Blue Gear on Mirage Island: Locate the Blue Gear while the full moon is active.
Race Awakening in Blox Fruits

Team Up for Success

  • Form a team with two other players, each with V3 characters of different races.
  • Travel to the top of the Great Tree and engage with the Mysterious Force.
  • Enter the Temple of Time and flip the lever within.
  • Stand at the appropriate trial doors during the full moon.
  • Simultaneously activate Race Abilities and complete the trial.
  • Engage in combat with the other two players.
  • The victor can claim Race Awakening by following the light orb to the clock and interacting with it to replace a gear.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully achieved Race Awakening in Blox Fruits V4. Enjoy the enhanced skills and abilities that will elevate your gameplay. Teamwork, strategy, and perseverance have led you to this moment, making your character a formidable force in the Blox Fruits universe.