Blox Fruits Money Guide: Fast Currency Farming

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Discover top strategies to swiftly earn money in Blox Fruits, tailored to your level. Efficiently gather currency for coveted items with these four proven methods.

Unlock the best methods to quickly amass money in Blox Fruits, regardless of your in-game level. Learn strategic approaches to efficiently gather currency for coveted blox fruits and other items. Here are four tried-and-true methods suitable for players at various levels

Blox Fruits Money Guide: Fast Currency Farming

Sea Beast Hunting

  • Best Money-Making Method
  • Hunt Sea Beasts in the second sea for substantial payouts ranging from 60k to 250k. Use a 2x money multiplier for even greater income (120k to 500k). This method provides quick access to buying mystical fruits and offers a chance to obtain valuable items.


  • Ideal for Players Below Level 50
  • Loot chests in secret dungeons, changing servers regularly for optimal results.

Money Gamepass

  • Fastest Currency Boost
  • Purchase the Money Gamepass for double currency rewards across various activities. While it comes at a cost of 450 Robux, it’s a long-term investment providing a permanent multiplier. Combine it with other methods for consistently higher earnings. Note: Consider codes for temporary multipliers during special events.

Vice Admiral Boss

  • Low-Level Players in the First Sea
  • Farm game currency and Mastery points by defeating Vice Admiral bosses, optimizing the process by changing servers.

Follow this guide to maximize your money-making potential in Blox Fruits. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, these strategies will help you efficiently accumulate currency for your in-game pursuits.