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This article guides you to find Kitsune Island in Blox Fruits. Discovering it triggers the Kitsune Shrine event, allowing you to trade Azure Embers for valuable rewards. Let's proceed with the article and kickstart the event.

In this article, we will tell you where you can find Kitsune Island in Blox Fruits. By discovering this island, you will initiate the Kitsune Shrine event and be able to trade with Azure Embers to receive valuable rewards. Let’s move on to our article and start the event.

Finding Kitsune Island

To locate the Kitsune Shrine in Blox Fruits, follow these steps:

  1. Third Sea and Full Moon Requirement
    • Kitsune Island exclusively spawns in the Third Sea during a Full Moon in the Danger Level 6 zone.
    • While these conditions guarantee a 100% chance of Kitsune Island appearing, it may still appear at other times with lower chances.
  2. Preparation Rules
    • Reach and be in Danger Level 6 before the full moon begins to ensure the island appears.
    • Ensure the entire team is on the ship; failure to do so may prevent the island from spawning.
    • If multiple teams are in Danger Level 6 simultaneously, only one will find the island. Private servers can alleviate this issue.

Kitsune Shrine Event – Starting and Finishing

  1. Upon Finding Kitsune Island
    • A short cutscene will play, and you should rush to the island center to reach Kitsune Shrine.
  2. Event Essentials
    • In the center, interact with a large stone to initiate the Kitsune Shrine event.
    • The event lasts for 5 minutes.
  3. Collecting Azure Embers
    • Azure Embers spawn all over the island, flying in different directions.
    • Chase them down to collect; you can hold a maximum of 25 at a time.
    • Collect 20-25 Embers for better rewards.
  4. Presenting Embers for Rewards
    • Rush to the stone in the island center to present all Azure Embers in exchange for rewards.
    • You can collect 2-4 Embers from each group, accumulating quickly.
    • For better rewards, wait until the timer passes the 3-minute mark.
  5. Timing and Failure
    • If you fail to present Azure Embers before the timer ends, you cannot interact with the stone, resulting in event failure.

Kitsune Shrine Rewards

Offering 10-25 Azure Embers

  • Beli
  • Fragments

Offering 20-25 Azure Embers

  • Kitsune Fruit – 0.5%
  • Fox Lamp – 10%
  • Kitsune Mask – 10%
  • Tailed Beast Title – 25%
  • Kitsune Aura Color – 25%
  • Kitsune Ribbon – 30%
  • 750 Fragments