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Learn character unlocking in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. Some characters are accessible now. Follow steps in our guide for unlocking.

We have explained how to unlock characters in the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk guide. There are currently some characters that are available in the game. You can find the step-by-step ways to unlock them in our guide below.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Unlockable Characters

The Bomb Rush Cyberfunk guidance on discovering new characters is lacking, but this feature is interesting as it prompts players to venture into different regions. However, it can become somewhat frustrating due to the occasional lack of direction on progression. To access these characters, you must successfully complete the corresponding “chapter” where the character is situated.

Unlocking Rave

Follow the steps below to unlock the Rave character in the game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk:

  1. Rave is located inside the subway station, which is on the left side of the road coming from the hideout.
  2. After completing her challenge she will go to the bazaar, located to the west of the main plaza area (you need 100 rep for the oldheads to let you pass) Once inside she will challenge you to beat her score.
  3. After beating her challenge, she will be right near the entrance to the hideout. She will challenge you to a race and once you beat her she will ask to join you.
  4. Congratulations! You have unlocked Rave Character

Unlocking Mesh

Follow the steps below to unlock the Mesh character in the game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk:

  1. Mesh will be on top on this platform.
  2. The only way to get through here is by grinding on this rail on top of you.
  3. After talking and completing his challenge he will be outside the tallest tower in the area, talk to him and he will challenge you to a score battle.
  4. When you are done go through this tunnel next to the canal, youll get a message telling you to go to the bridge on the canal.
  5. He will tell you he lost his skateboard and you need to drain the canal, in order to do that, next to him theres an oldhead blocking an entrance which requires 140 to go through. Once you make, youll need to grind on this billboard to get to the control room. Follow him and he will join your crew.
  6. Congratulations! You have unlocked Mesh character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

Unlock Vinyl

Follow the steps below to unlock the Vinyl character in the game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk:

Story related, You can’t miss unlock the Vinyl.

How to Unlock Vinyl in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Unlock Shine

Follow the steps below to unlock the Shine character in the game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk:

  1. Shine will be at the coffee shops in the second area. In order to progress with her requirements you will have to do the exact dance shes doing.
  2. Next she will be on top of the food court. After that she will tell you to go to the red record store (which is next to the food court).
  3. Once you get there, you will get a text message from her telling you that shes not there anymore but in entrance of the theater hall. So go to the third area and she will be behind the staircase.
  4. After that go back to the second area, at the very top of the fishes theres a hall, youll get a message once you get there.
  5. Go back to the first area, the warehouse is the place you had to tag a machine in order to open the next area earlier in that episode. Shes at the very far of the warehouse, talk to her and she will join you.
  6. Congratulations! You have unlocked Shine character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

Unlock Rise

Follow the steps below to unlock the Rise character in the game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk:

  1. Rise will be at the very far of the entrance of pyramid island, she will ask you to take some pictures of her with your phone. (If you want a better understand of her positioning, you will have to be moving literally one floor above in the exact same spot)
  2. When you are done, go to bridge just above her and once you jump the gap youll get a text message from her.
  3. She will tell you to get to the top, which you can once you progress through the story (sliding inside a tower), she will be at the very far, right on the red spiral. When you talk to her, she will ask you to choose a place to take pics of her at, you can interact with the cartons of milk or whatever they are on her right side.
  4. She will challenge you to tag a spot after taking 3 pics, the trick to this is to get on the blue/green spiral next to it and jump from the side. Once you do it she will join you.
  5. Congratulations! You have unlocked Rise character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

Unlock Coil

Follow the steps below to unlock the Coil character in the game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk:

  1. You can find him further into the main strip in a alleyway in Mataan on the right side. You have to do the same dance hes doing to move to the next step.
  2. After progressing further into the level, youll get a message in the big golden statue area.
  3. Hes going to be in the middle of a building, the best way to cross it imo is just to boost and double jump into it.
  4. Go back to the entrance of the strip and youll get another text message.
  5. Now you need to go inside the golden statues mouth and he will be dancing to your left on top of a building. Win the race and he will join the crew.
  6. Congratulations! You have unlocked Coil character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

Unlock Post Game Characters

Upon successfully completing the game, you’ll gain the ability to unlock characters you’ve encountered before.

Here are some pointers for conquering the challenges: Mastering the challenges relies on your comprehension of the multiplier mechanic.

By strategically leaning on a corner of a rail and utilizing billboards as you ride, you can increment your multiplier by 1. Remember, each instance only counts once within a single run (and once in a combo outside these challenges). For instance, if you lean on a specific rail corner and it contributes to your multiplier, attempting to lean on that same corner again within the same run won’t register until the run concludes. Consequently, maintaining your combo throughout the entire run is essential to maximize efficiency.

While executing a lean, you’ll gradually fill your boost meter. Hold down the designated button and execute a trick to amass maximum points (remember to hold only during the trick execution, as prolonged holding will deplete it more swiftly). Additionally, keep the manual button in mind to sustain your combo. Interestingly, you can perform boost tricks while engaged in a manual, a strategy that significantly augments your point accumulation. Notably, even as your manual meter dwindles over extended manual periods, executing a boost trick will fully replenish it. This means you can perpetually engage in a manual by employing boost tricks before the meter expires, establishing this method as the optimal means of escalating your score (though not your multiplier).

By mapping out an effective route and implementing the aforementioned techniques, amassing millions of points within a combo becomes a less intimidating endeavor.

Unlock Red & Felix

The “real” Red becomes unavailable to choose at the very late part of chapter 5, but after beating the game, Felix & Red become available to choose from any dance floor.

Unlock Frank

A Frank will be grinding at the top part of the Verdum Hills main plaza, gotta do his challenge to make him join your crew.

Steps to unlock the Frank character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk game.

Unlock Flesh Prince

Flesh Prince is located inside his second base in Mantann (where you have to slide to get in). You have to do the popping dance in front of him.

Steps to unlock the Flesh Prince character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk game.

Unlock Rietveld

You can find her in the same spot you met and fought for the first time, next to the original Franks hideout (the basketball court). Youll have have an encounter with the police before unlocking her.

How to unlock the Rietveld character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk game.

Unlock DJ Cyber

Located at the top of the building surrounded by billboards in the square of Millenium Square (You have to grind the billboards until you reach the top). Complete his score challenge and he will join you.

How to unlock the DJ Cyber character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk game.

Unlock Eclipse

Eclipse is located in the exact same area as the first time you met Mesh. Complete her challenge to unlock her.

How to unlock the Eclipse character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk game.

Unlock DOT EXE

You can find him grinding on the second area of the Millennium Mall, right before the entrance to the Theater Hall (third area).

How to unlock the DOT EXE character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk game.

Unlock Devil Theory

Devil Theory is grinding at the beginning of the second level in Pyramid Island. Complete his challenge to add him to your crew.

How to unlock the Devil Theory character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk game.

Unlock Futurism

You can find Futurism in the big golden statue area. Same as before, gotta complete her challenge for her to join your team.

How to unlock the Futurism character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk game.

Unlock Oldhead

Tag every single graffiti in the game.

DLC Characters Unlock

Characters obtained only through dlc.

Unlock Base & Jay

Base & Jay cannot be unlocked by regular gameplay unlike the previous character, you have to get the $5 dlc in the steam store.

About the Game Characters

Introducing Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, an imaginative universe created by Dion Koster and brought to life by Team Reptile. In this futuristic world, self-styled graffiti collectives armed with personal boostpacks engage in fierce battles for urban supremacy. Set within the sprawling metropolis of New Amsterdam, you’ll immerse yourself in a realm where dance, graffiti, and music intertwine with competitive rivalry.

Meet Red, a graffiti artist who, after losing his head, utilizes a cyberhead for mobility. Driven by a quest for his origins, he joins forces with the Bomb Rush Crew, comprised of Tryce and Bel. Together, they set their sights on becoming the premier graffiti crew, aiming to conquer the city as an indomitable force. As they expand their territory, they uncover the truth behind Red’s cybernetic transformation and its deep connection to the graffiti subculture.

Venture through the city’s five main boroughs to tag graffiti spots and earn REP, a valuable resource needed to challenge rival crews to intense Crew Battles. Along the way, you’ll encounter potential crew members dispersed throughout the city. Beyond recruiting, discover fresh graffiti designs to paint, new outfit colors to personalize your character, and a diverse array of music tracks to enjoy on your flip phone.

Engage in dynamic tricks using skateboarding, inline skating, or BMX techniques, all integrated into the innovative trick system tailored to the game’s unique environment. String together combos with flair, and enhance your scores by incorporating special Boost Tricks. Unveil the stylish and efficient path to speed, as longer combos grant you boost power for swift movement.

Be wary, however, as your artistic exploits trigger the response of a dynamically evolving militarized police presence. As your creative expression unfolds, so does the escalating challenge posed by law enforcement, adding an extra layer of excitement to your urban escapades.