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Take a look at our Call of Duty: Turret Circuit Locations guide. Follow the steps, and let's snag all those Turret Circuits!

In this guide, we’ve covered Call of Duty: Turret Circuit Locations. We’ve included photos to help you easily find the locations. Now, let’s go grab those Turret Circuits!

Call of Duty: Turret Circuit Locations

What is this guide for?

Whether you’re looking to get your weapons levelled up, or 50,000 kills for the Slaughterhouse achievement, the current most efficient method for grinding kills in MWZ is by farming the never-ending zombies in ‘Extraction’ (the Dr Jansen story mission, Act 1 finale). At the end, until you board the helicopter to exfil, zombies will spawn non-stop and rush towards you – and as luck would have it, there is a Deadbolt Turret right next to where the helicopter waits.

You can bring circuits in with you for even more uptime on the turret, but this mission has a surprising amount of circuits laying around to begin with. These are all guaranteed spawns and will be there every single time you play this mission.

There may be some others in the mission I don’t know about, but these are the ones I know of and grab every time – They are also in your direct path through the mission and don’t require any sidetracking.

If I’ve missed one, leave a comment below and I’ll add it in.

Circuit 1

As soon as you jump out of the heli you arrived in, there will be a circuit directly in front of you on the ventilation shaft.

Circuit 2

There is a circuit across from Jansen’s room, sitting on some barrels.
(I picked this one up before I took the screenshot, but it’s right here)

Circuit 3

There is a circuit IN Jansen’s room, sitting on a desk. You can only get this once she has left the room.

Circuit 4

Directly outside Jansen’s door, there is a little hut/shack on the water. Inside is another circuit.

Circuit 5

When following Jansen, she will pass through a control room (right before heading outside underneath the helipad). There is a circuit here, next to a gun locker.

Circuit 6

There is another circuit just outside, underneath the helipad, resting on a box that is slightly taller than you.

Circuit 7

There is one final circuit on the roof, across the walkway from the Helipad.