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Now, take a look at our guide on Charrua Soccer: How To Multiplayer. Follow our guide step by step and start having an amazing time with your friends!

The topic of our short guide is Charrua Soccer: How To Multiplayer. By following this guide step by step, you can start having an awesome time with your friends.

Charrua Soccer How to Play Multiplayer

Casual vs Friend

  • After you select the Mirror Online button on the Main Menu, you will have a choice between Casual vs Friend or Find Ranked Match:
  • When clicking the Casual vs Friend button, it will open the Steam Overlay at your Friends List and allow you to invite a friend for a 1vs1 Mirror Online match:

Ranked Match

Here’s where it gets serious… you can make new friends, or new frenemies…

  • When clicking the Find Ranked Match you will enter Matchmaking, where the game will try to pair you up with someone that shares a similar skill level. Wait times will vary depending on other players also looking for an opponent:

Remote Play Together

If you would like to play on the same team together, or would like to play synchronously with a friend, you can still use the Remote Play Together features.

  • Press the button indicated by the Remote Play Together banner, to get a list of Online Friends:
  • …or you can press Shift+Tab (or Guide/Menu on a gamepad) to open the Steam Overlay. You can then open your Friends list and right-click on the friend you would like to invite to your game:

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