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Now, take a look at the Choo-Choo Charles: Nightmare Survival Guide to learn what you need to know and what you'll require in Nightmare Survival!

In this article, we’ve discussed the Choo-Choo Charles: Nightmare Survival Guide. Now, let’s quickly move on to the guide and achieve success!

Choo-Choo Charles: Nightmare Survival Guide


Before diving into the first fight, let’s cover what you’ll need:

  1. You should have all stats at level 5, including speed.
  2. Bug Spray (yes, it’s still effective even after being nerfed).

Additionally, it’s worth noting that this strategy will work consistently, regardless of random number generation (RNG) factors, so you won’t need to rely on finding scrap boxes.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. After Eugene’s unfortunate demise, continue forward and take a left at the intersection. As you pass by, make sure to flip the switch.
  2. Proceed to Tony Tiddle and complete his quest. This will reward you with 9 scrap.
  3. Upon returning to your train, upgrade your speed twice.
  4. Head back to the intersection and go right until you reach Candice.
  5. Complete Candice’s quest to obtain an additional 9 scrap.
  6. Go behind Candice’s house and make your way to Lizbeth Murkwater.
  7. Complete Lizbeth’s quest. Don’t forget to collect the loose scrap in her house, on the dock, and the two on the island.
  8. Return to your train and upgrade your speed to level 5. With any extra scrap you acquire, upgrade either of the other stats until they are also at level 5.
  9. Proceed to Daryl to obtain the lock picks. There are 6 loose scraps you should collect: one in each of the containers, one behind the house on a table, one in the camp behind his house, and one inside the house.
  10. Complete Daryl’s quest.
  11. Here’s where you’ll need to be cautious of Charles. If you hear his whistle, wait inside a house until it’s safe.
  12. When it’s safe, make your way to Helen and pick up the quest for the first egg. Don’t forget to grab the scrap on her deck and the three in the covered area. You can also use this area to hide if Charles approaches.
  13. Go to Sgt. Flint and complete the quest for Bug Spray. Make sure to collect the 5 loose scrap items: one in front of the fence on the path, one on the stairs, one to the left of the water tower, one in the burning house, and one in front of Flint’s house.

By this point, you should have everything you need, along with some extra scrap as backup.

First Fight

And Any Subsequent Fights

Here’s the strategy for the fight:

  • Use Bug Spray in small bursts. Make sure it cools down more than it overheats when used.
  • When Charles gets far away for any reason, he will build up momentum. Use Bug Spray until it turns as red as possible before overheating. This should prevent him from hitting your train. Afterward, ease up and let it cool while still using occasional bursts to keep him burning and slowed.
  • If you start outrunning him (which becomes more common once you have more speed), aim the bursts of fire at the tracks. This will slow him down enough that he can’t hit the train before getting back into a stun lock.
  • If he manages to hit through the fire and blacks out your train (it’s rare but can happen), overheat the Bug Spray, rush to repair your train to its maximum, then return and get the Bug Spray as bright red as possible. This should help you regain your speed and continue the fight as usual.

If you have extra scrap from lucky boxes, it’s advisable to invest it in speed. This will reduce the chances of Charles hitting you through the fire damage.