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You can find Mobility, Control, Range, Accuracy, Fire Rate, Damage, and much more in our Combat Master Gunsmithing guide. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look now!

In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to delve into the topic of Combat Master Gunsmithing. This guide will be packed with detailed information and will provide answers to all your questions! If you’re ready, let’s get started.

Combat Master Gunsmithing

Before i tell you about how gunsmiths work in Combat Master, we need some kind of benchmark as a control for our guide. And for that, we need a weapon. Not just any weapon, but a weapon that are versatile to explain the basics.

This is the most common weapon that you can find in any online lobby. The Sig MCX, a very versatile weapon that can be used in any range, deadly in every way. I’ll be using this weapon to demonstrate at how the gun ( and most weapons in-game ) work.

Now, there are a couple thing i need to clarified in order to make this tests equal and non-biased

  • All of my sensitivity are on default value ( in general, i’m using 120%. But since this is a guide, i’m changing my sens to default, in order to make every shots equal )
  • To make things even more fair and unbiased, i’m going to do a recoil tests on this gun every 5 meters, on a standing position, starting with 25m to 20m, 15m, and so on until we hit 10 meters left.
  • In this recoil test, i will be using two types of aiming, starting with Hip-Fire ( Static and Controlled ) and ADS ( Static and Controlled ), to see how much of a kick this weapon is when firing.
    • The reason why i’m using this method is that i find most players who are using AR and SMG’s engaged in combat at around mid-range to not-quite-close range, same thing applies to SG, Snipers, and Pistols, in general.
      This is also a technique that i’m going to explain later, so stay tuned.

How Stats Work

In every weapons that you will unlocked throughout every level, there are stats that refers to the performance of your weapon. In this part i’ll be explaining how each stats works and giving you tips and tricks about balancing and debunk some rumors about unique attachments.

In this section, your weapon’s performance is defined by its stats, there are:

  • Mobility
  • Control
  • Range
  • Accuracy
  • Fire Rate
  • Damage
  • MOBILITY refers to how your gun reacted to your movement, such as SPRINT SPEED, SPRINT-TO-FIRE transition (or shooting while sprinting), faster ADS, and faster RELOAD.
  • CONTROL refers to how your gun reacted to recoils in both horizontal and vertical way, such as BOUNCE ( how much recoil bounced your aim, on both directions ) and reduces RECOIL in general.
  • RANGE refers to how much DAMAGE your weapon delivers over DISTANCE
  • ACCURACY refers basically the same as CONTROL does, it reduces the Hip-Fire Spread and also reduces how the bullets spread during firing.
  • FIRE RATE, as the name suggest, refers as to how fast your weapon can empty an entire clip.
  • DAMAGE is DAMAGE. it’s as simple as that.

Now let’s talk about balancing, and how you can fit your weapon to your play style.

In general, my play style on most weapons i owned are basically get the weapon as accurate as possible in any range, while also have the least recoil in them, and in the SIG MCX case, faster reload time (since the weapon isn’t really that fast at reloading, it takes like 3sec to reload an empty mag, which is fast, but considering my play style always changing depending on how close am i to the target, those 3 sec is either live or die moment.)

So with that in mind, i mainly focused on ACCURACY, MOBILITY and CONTROL, and i basically just adjusting as i go. Here’s a tip for you, get some music playing, do the same recoil test on your own and adjust what parts do you want to go with your weapon. Take your time at the shooting range as long as possible (Maybe some aim training for a bit) until you’ve achieved what you want. It’ll take time, but trust me, this is how i got mine.

I’ll explain this process more detailed on Chapter II, but yeah this is the basics as to how i made my weapon.

Now that everything’s clear, i want to clarify some rumors about attachments that for some people (my friends, in general) thought it makes their gun do more damage, especially in AMMUNITION.

And my answer is NO, it does not increase your damage, but it increase your DOD (Damage-Over-Distance), here are the special ammo when compared to the default one.

As you can see, the 9mm magazine does less damage over distance, but it makes your reload faster. Same thing as the SPEAR 20-Round magazines, it increases damage over longer distance, but all of these mags never exceed it’s default damage (Unless if the devs made a FMJ Perk like in COD BO2)

Alright, enough talking (in this case, typing kekw) and let me show you how i made my weapon.

The Basic Test

Before we start modifying our SIG, we must first get an idea at how it performs, without any parts AKA Stock.

Here are the recoils that i get from both Hip-fire and ADS ( without controlling the gun ). You can really tell that in 25m, there’s no way you’re ever going to hit your shots while hip-firing (RIGHT SIDE), compared to ADS (LEFT SIDE)

As we move down to 20m to 15, you can tell that the spread is starting to get tighter. That’s all common knowledge as we already knew in many FPS Genres, that the longer the distance equals to less accurate shots.
But overall, if you can handle the recoil while ADS in 25m, then you can definitely hit your shots at that range.

Now let’s see the result when we controlled the recoil in hip-fire and ADS:

As we can see, at 25 to 20m, it’s not really that great at hip-firing (LEFT SIDE), but when we go to 15 and 10m, the spread pattern is much tighter, it creates a square pattern ( which is good if you’re like to get close to your enemy ), but the stand out is in ADS (RIGHT SIDE).

I can sort of controlled the recoil at 25m, but once you’re at like idk 15 rounds in the mag, it wants to go to the right and made like a reverse circle pattern for a brief moment, indicating that there’s a lack of horizontal recoil. When i did a 2-round burst, i found that it bounce quite a lot, indicating that there’s quite a lot of horizontal bounce during ADS ( That’s what i feel, idk about you though ) but overall it feels very nice to control it.

Now let’s try to make this gun even better.

The Good Stuff

First, i like to start with the muzzle:

I like to use Griffin QD as the base of my SIG, since it has the best Hip-Fire accuracy above all else, combine with less vertical recoil, and less horizontal bounce on both ADS and Hip-Fire

Next, let’s move to barrel:

I chose the Virtus Marksman because the added fire range makes this gun do more damage over distance, and reduces vertical recoil. The only downside is that i’m slower at ADS, and reduces my sprint speed, by just a bit.

Next, grips

I chose this because, while yes it does add more Hip-Fire accuracy, but the problem is that it makes me even slower at ADS, but i don’t really care about that, as long as i have the ability to make this the most accurate AR as i can.

Alright, next up is grips v2

As the style suggest, i like to have my gun loads faster than the default, so i picked this.

Next is stock, but honestly, You can use whatever that suits you. But in this case, i can choose one of these three stocks:

But right now, i guess i’ll use the Strike Industries Viper stock.

Next is optics, and you can choose whatever you want. But, i like to use these two, since it gives less recoil:

And there we go, add in my camo and some finishing touches…