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Check out our guide on Complete Leopard Fruit Guide in Haze Piece now. Get and master Leopard Fruit in the fastest way possible!

With the latest Haze Piece update, players can dive into new islands, including the expansive Foggy Island. As the difficulty ramps up, obtaining powerful Fruits becomes crucial. One standout addition is the formidable Leopard Fruit. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about obtaining and mastering this Legendary fruit.

Complete Leopard Fruit Guide in Haze Piece

How To Get Leopard Fruit

Obtaining the Leopard Fruit follows the standard Devil Fruit acquisition method – harvesting them from various trees scattered across the game map. However, this Legendary fruit poses a greater challenge, with only a 1% chance of spawning. For those eager to secure it quickly, the Fruit Dealer offers an alternative, or you can use Robux.

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Once in possession of the Leopard Fruit, simply equip and consume it to unlock its powerful move set.

Leopard Fruit Showcase

The Leopard Fruit boasts a diverse set of 6 moves, each demonstrating its devastating potential. Without any accessories or Haki activated, let’s explore each move:

  1. Transformation: Your character morphs into a Leopard, featuring unique animations for sprinting, walking, dashing, and jumping.
  2. M1 Basic Attacks: Claw swipes at enemies, with the fifth attack unleashing a distinctive Roar. Each M1 attack deals 1467 Damage.
  3. Finger Pistol: A long-range attack with a unique pistol pose, delivering 3522 Damage on impact.
  4. Meta Roar: Unleashes an AoE (Area of Effect) roar, leaving behind a ring of destruction and dealing 6190 Damage to any enemy in range.
  5. Storm Leg: A unique move splitting into multiple directions, ideal for farming enemies. Close proximity ensures all 3 shots hit, totaling 7605 Damage.
  6. Claw Barrage: A rapid barrage move inflicting 7144 Damage and around 47 Hits. Close proximity maximizes damage output.
  7. Ultimate Move – Rokugan: Activating Rokugan automatically teleports your character to the nearest enemy. A roaring attack deals devastating damage exceeding 10,000, affecting nearby enemies as well. Perfect for challenging bosses, such as obtaining the Dark Blade V2 in Foggy Castle.

The Leopard Fruit stands as a powerhouse in Haze Piece, offering unparalleled abilities to conquer both single and multiple enemies. Acquiring this fruit is highly recommended, especially considering the formidable bosses and grinding opportunities introduced in the Xmas update. Arm yourself with the Leopard Fruit and dive into the thrilling challenges awaiting across the new islands.