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Explore crafting green tea in Coral Island, uncovering necessities, and delving into its benefits. Let's dive into the article and brew some green tea.

In this article, we will guide you on what is needed to craft green tea in Coral Island and discuss the benefits of green tea. Let’s move on to our article and brew some green tea.

How To Make Green Tea

Unlocking the Keg Crafting Recipe – To embark on your Green Tea crafting journey, the first step is unlocking the Keg crafting recipe. Achieve Farming level six and gather the required resources: Scrap (20), Silver Bar (1), Bronze Bar (2), and Wood (30).

Growing Tea Leaves – Once you’ve crafted the Keg, the next essential ingredient for Green Tea is Tea Leaves. Purchase Tea Seeds from Sam’s General Store, cultivate them over 11 days, and harvest the Tea Leaves.

Coral Island Tea Leaf

Crafting Green Tea in the Keg – Place the freshly harvested Tea Leaves into the Keg and patiently wait for five hours. The result? Your own homemade Green Tea ready to be enjoyed or used for various purposes on Coral Island.

Coral Island Green Tea

Alternative Method – Buying Green Tea For those who prefer a quicker option, visit Raja’s Coffee Corner or Caravan to purchase Green Tea for 115 or 200 Coins, respectively. This alternative allows you to enjoy Green Tea without the hassle of crafting and growing Tea Leaves.

Utilizing Green Tea on Coral Island – Discover the multiple uses of Green Tea on Coral Island. From restoring Health and Energy by consuming it yourself to selling it for Coins, and even crafting Kombucha for a higher profit. Don’t forget the charming option of gifting Green Tea to other characters on the island.

Master the art of crafting Green Tea in Coral Island to not only enhance your own well-being but also to foster friendships and generate income. Follow this guide, and you’ll soon become a Green Tea crafting expert on the vibrant shores of Coral Island.