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"In this article, we'll guide you in creating and using the Ground Insect Trap for catching bugs and spiders on Coral Island. Let's begin!

In this article, we will explain how to make and use the Ground Insect Trap, used for catching insects and spiders on Coral Island. Let’s get started with our article.

How to Use Ground Insect Trap

Unlocking the Ground Insect Trap – To access the Ground Insect Trap recipe, you must first reach Catching level 3. Spend the initial hours in the game wielding a Bug Net until you unlock the recipe, and you’re ready to dive into the crafting process.

Crafting the Ground Insect Trap – In the crafting menu, assemble your Ground Insect Trap using the following materials:

  • x5 Wood (acquired by cutting down various vegetation)
  • x1 Silver Bar (obtained by smelting 5 Silver Ore and 1 Coal in the Furnace)
  • x5 Fiber (plentifully obtained by cutting grass with a Scythe)

Placing Your Ground Insect Trap – Once crafted, find the perfect spot to place your Ground Insect Trap on the island. Keep in mind that traps cannot be placed on your farm, underwater, in caves, or inside buildings. The trap covers an area of 1 cell and automatically catches ground bugs in the eight squares around it.

Ground Insect Trap

Features of Ground Insect Traps

  • Exclusive to ground insects such as beetles, spiders, caterpillars, and ants.
  • Choose trap locations based on your insect-catching needs.
  • Enhance trap efficiency by placing Ground Insect Scent inside.

Using Ground Insect Scent – Ensure a steady bug supply by crafting Ground Insect Scent in the crafting menu using:

  • 5 Sap
  • 1 Flower

Tips and Trick – While traps offer long-term success, sometimes manually catching specific insects might be more effective. Experiment with trap placement throughout the island to maximize your bug-catching endeavors.

Armed with this guide, you’re now equipped to craft, place, and optimize Ground Insect Traps in Coral Island. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, these traps will become invaluable tools in your journey to uncover the diverse insect life on the island. Happy bug hunting!